Be a Party Leader

Thank you for your interest in the NDP, Nebraska’s official statewide Democratic Party organization.

Our state’s greatest strength is our people: honest, hard-working people from all walks of life. We believe in growing the good life for ALL Nebraskans, not just for a few at the top.

We want to do well for ourselves and our families–and do our part for our communities, state and country. We respect the dignity of every person–no matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from.

Each of us has something valuable to contribute to our state. When Nebraskans work together, we can accomplish anything. Democrats fight every day to move our state forward and make our government and our economy work for every Nebraskan–not just powerful special interests.

Nebraska works best when it works for all. Senator Paul Wellstone, a Democrat from the Midwest, always said, “We all do better, when we all do better.” He sums it up best on what it means to be a Democrat.

About the Nebraska Democratic Party:

Sometimes it can be confusing how to navigate the Party structure, so we hope you reach out to us with any questions or attend your County Party Meeting to connect with Democrats from your area. Reading the various pages of our Party structure will give you an idea of how we are organized.

All Democrats are welcome to attend our quarterly meetings where we conduct Party business and our Congressional Districts and Caucuses meet.

If you have any questions, please email

NDP Officers:

Chair Jane Kleeb:

NDP Staff:

Platform, Resolutions, Bylaws, Constitution:

State Executive Committee:

Delegates to the State Central Committee, our State Party’s governing body:

County Parties:

Affiliated Caucuses (e.g. Women’s Caucus):

Morrison Exon Volunteer Award Winners:

Take Action:

Not every Democrat wants to attend meetings about by-laws, we get that 🙂

We have a Take Action page were post ideas on how you can help elect Democrats, get your voice heard, contact Congress and register to vote.

Visit our Candidate page to volunteer for a Democratic campaign.

Become a monthly donor to help build our Party and elect Democrats.

Donate to the fund we started to help elect more candidates from communities of color.

Serve in a Leadership Position:

Our Party is made up of people. You can serve in the various leadership positions by getting elected at the county, legislative district or state level. All of these leadership positions help build the Party. When we have a strong Party structure we win elections!

If you want to serve on the SCC as a Committee or Legislative District (LD) member, you should notify the NDP Office ( and let us know you are interested in serving in one of the vacancies listed. Your LD is the same as your State Legislative District. You can find your LD here.

Election for any Committee vacancies are held at our quarterly meetings during the Congressional District breakout session. Nominations for LD vacancies are also held during the Congressional District breakout sessions, with election of the nominees at the same quarterly SCC quarterly meeting.

Additionally, every two years each County holds a County Convention where Convention Delegates are elected at the County level. Those delegates then attend the State Convention where we meet to discuss our Party Platform and to elect new Legislative District members who then serve on the State Central Committee–the governing body of the Nebraska Democratic party.

Also at the State Convention held every two years, our County Delegates elect our NDP Officers. The positions of Chair, Associate Chair, and Second Associate Chair are elected every two years.  The positions of DNC Committeeman and Committeewoman are elected every four years, in presidential election years. The NDP Officers that are also DNC Members include Chair, Associate Chair, Committeeman and Committeewoman.

Also at Convention, Congressional District Chairs and most Affiliated Caucus Organization Chairs are elected.

If you live in an area with a vacancy and want to serve, please email

Platform and Resolutions Committee Vacancies:

View a map of Congressional Districts (CD)

CD3: 1 Males, 3 Female


State Central Committee (SCC) Vacancies, Organized by Legislative District (LD):

View a map of Legislative Districts (LD)

LD3 Female (Alternate)
LD4 Female (Alternate)
LD5 Female (Alternate)
LD6 Male
LD7 Female
LD7 Female (Alternate)
LD9 Male (Alternate)
LD12 Female
LD12 Female (Alternate)
LD14 Male
LD24 Male (Alternate)
LD34 Female (Alternate)
LD39 Male
LD40 Male
LD40 Female (Alternate)
LD40 Male (Alternate)
LD41 Male (Alternate)
LD46 Female
LD49 Male (Alternate)

County Party Chair Vacancies:

View a map of counties

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