Training Resources

The Nebraska Democratic Party and the national DNC provide training support to campaigns, county parties, grassroots groups and NDP caucuses. Staff and NDP Officers can come to your local meetings and events to conduct trainings.

Jacob Denniston, the NDP Communications and Party Building Coordinator, is the lead staff person for all training, contact him to schedule trainings for your group:

The DNC offers an in-depth online training program that many Nebraskans are certified in and many more are going thru the certification process now. Some topics include Social Media Organizing and Fundraising. You can read about the DNC training program, click here and to register for the online trainings please email

You can also watch the previous DNC trainings online:

Video: Introduction to T3: The Democratic Party with DNC Deputy Chair Rep. Keith Ellison
Introduction to T3: The Democratic Party

Video: Communications: Amplifying the Message with former Missouri Lt. Gov. Joe Maxwell
Slides: Communications: Amplifying the Message

Video: Digital: Email Organizing
Slides: Digital: Email Organizing     

Video: Digital: Social Media Organizing
Slides: Digital: Social Media Organizing

Future DNC Trainings:

You can read about the DNC training program, click here and to register for the online trainings please email

Grassroots Organizing: Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement

Grassroots Organizing: Volunteer Engagement (part two)

Technology: Basics of VAN

Technology: Virtual Phone Bank

Fundraising: Recruiting Small Dollar Donors

Political: Candidate Recruitment

Political: Research Tools

Teaching What You Have Learned

Nebraska Trainings:

The Nebraska Democratic Party has several training programs to help build and expand our party.

We offer the Blue Bench Training that gives grassroots Democrats an opportunity to learn real-life skills thru training and hands-on practice. Read more about Blue Bench.

The NDP also offers full-day trainings for candidates, campaign managers and grassroots leaders each year with national speakers and trainers.

Every NDP staff member and officers have specific skills and experience on which he or she can train and work with county parties. Those skills are listed below:

Jane Kleeb, Chair
Jane can provide updates on national DNC work including the Unity Commission which she is a member of. Jane can also train on grassroots organizing, peer to peer turnout, media work, communications/branding.

Frank LaMere, Associate Chair
Frank can train on indigenous organizing and indigenous issues including providing updates on the White Clay matter. He can lead discussions on other progressive issues and can train on how to utilize motivational skills; to keep volunteers engaged. He can also lead discussions based on the movie “Sober Indian, Dangerous Indian”.

Tom Tilden, 2nd Associate Chair
Tom can train on canvassing, both traditional campaign canvassing and information gathering canvasses such as; Knock Every Door. Also, he can train on the Obama neighborhood team building model.

Patty Zieg, National Committeewoman
Patty can train on prospecting for donors and fundraising. She can also train on messaging strategies.

Ron Kaminski, National Committeeman
Ron can train on labor organizing and union history in Democratic politics.

Eric Aspegren, Political and Field Director
Eric can train on candidate recruitment, how to use the VAN for targeting voters, creating walk lists and updating info like emails and cell phones. Eric can also train the party on how to create GOTV plans.

Jacob Denniston, Communications and Party Building Coordinator
Jacob can train on the topics of Organizing Events, Volunteer Recruitment and Building Relationships, Telling your Personal Story, Earning Media Coverage, and Digital Storytelling.

More Information:

Jacob Denniston, our Party Building Coordinator, is the lead staff person for all training, contact him to schedule trainings for your group: