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Happy Thanksgiving Democrats, we have a guide to help at dinner!

Hello Democrats, We hope you are enjoying time with your loved ones this holiday. We are thankful for all of the candidates that are putting their name on the ballot to protect our families. Strong Democrats running from US Senate to School Board need your help spreading the word about their elections. Check out our […]

Republican Tax Plans: Wealthy Benefit But Students, Teachers, Seniors, Homeowners Lose

The super-rich and big corporations would be big winners from the Republican House and Senate tax plans, but practically everyone else could be big losers. People Hurt By Republican Tax Plans: Middle-class families: NBC News: “An analysis by the center-left Center on Budget and Policy Priorities of the initial House bill found a family of […]

#NebDems News, Issue #2

Welcome to the second installment of #NebDems News! You can share this newsletter on Facebook and Twitter. This week I am highlighting our successful State Central Committee meeting, the Blue Bench training, and our intern team. We are still working hard on get to 200 monthly donors. We are getting so close to that goal. […]

#NebDems News, Issue #1

Hello fellow Democrats, I am starting a new practice to send updates on what the Party has been up to and some of our focuses every two weeks. So, welcome to the first of the #NebDem News series! You can share this newsletter on Facebook and Twitter. This week I am highlighting our NDP staff, […]

5 Ways Trump And Republicans Are Selling Us Out

Yesterday House Republicans passed a budget to fast-track a tax plan that puts corporations ahead of the middle class.  Trump and Republicans have repeatedly sided with big corporations over hardworking Americans. Here are five more examples that you may have missed from the past few days alone: 1.Republicans made it easier for large financial institutions […]