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GET THE FACTS: Extreme Stothert-Walker Agenda Will Hurt Omaha’s Middle Class Families

As Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert campaigns alongside Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker—a failed Republican presidential candidate who is one of the least popular governors in the entire country—the Nebraska Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin are highlighting the extreme views and out-of-touch policies Stothert and Walker share. Mayor Stothert bragged to the media that Governor Walker “governed like […]

2017 Democratic Candidates: Vote, Volunteer, Donate

The city elections happening in Lincoln and Omaha have huge impacts for all of us. It is critical to vote in order to show our grassroots power in the streets and at the polls. We have cards below you can print out or save on your phone so you know who the Democrats are on […]

Our Next Mayor Heath Mello Shares His Vision, Vote May 9

Heath Mello shares his vision for Omaha and the values his parents instilled in him with a great new video. The Nebraska Democratic Party stands proudly with Heath Mello! It’s our moment, our time to pull together to elect the next Mayor of Omaha who will fight for our families by: -Creating a first-ever Climate […]

Information for Come Together, Fight Back, Vote Democrats Rally

The Nebraska Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee are excited to see over 6,000 Nebraska on April 20th rally for our Omaha and Lincoln city elections! The rally is part of the DNC’s national #FightBack tour! We have some key information below to help make getting into the arena as quick as possible. April […]

Get Your Ticket to Stand Up, Fight Back, Vote Democrats Rally with Sanders, Perez, Mello, Kleeb

The Nebraska Democratic Party is proud to announce “Stand Up, Fight Back, Vote Democrats,” a rally in support of Democratic candidates in Lincoln and Omaha city elections. The rally will feature remarks from Senator Bernie Sanders, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez, Omaha mayoral candidate Heath Mello and State Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb. Musicians–including […]