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Contact Information for Federal Office Holders

Nebraska’s Congressional Delegation is made up of two US Senators who represent the entire state and three House of Representatives who cover the various districts across our state. All five of Nebraska’s Members of Congress are Republicans (together we change that!). Senators have terms of 6 years–Sasse is up for re-election in 2020 and Fischer […]

Betsy DeVos and Senator Fischer Do Not Support Public Education

When Betsy DeVos’s nomination for Education Secretary came in front of the US Senate, Nebraskans declared that with no experience and a disdain for public education, DeVos did not deserve to be the Secretary of Education. Yet, despite the outcry from Nebraskans who deeply support public education, Fischer voted to confirm DeVos. Fischer told Nebraskans […]

Nebraska Democrats Defend DACA Trump and the Republican Party Favor Extreme-Right

Hello Nebraska Democrats, In schools and workplaces across our state, my friends and peers are now at-risk of being ripped away from their families. All so Pres. Trump can please his extreme-right base. In Nebraska, 3,371 Dreamers live, work and love, right here in our state. As a Democratic Party grassroots organizer, I work to […]

Raybould Campaign Launches with HUGE energy

Raybould Campaign Launches with HUGE energy On Friday, August 25, the Lincoln Journal Star and Omaha World Herald broke the news of Jane Raybould’s candidacy for US Senate. “’I have never shied away from a fight,’ said Raybould, who is a vice president at her family’s grocery store business. She cites her time on the […]

August South Omaha Community Forum

On Saturday, August 26th, please attend a South Omaha Community forum at St. Frances Cabrini Church’s Gymnasium at 10th and Williams. Elected officials that represent parts of downtown and South Omaha—and who all happen to be great Democrats—will be there to answer questions and listen to your feedback: Senator Tony Vargas Senator Mike McDonnell Crystal […]