Press Releases

Sen. Bob Krist says Gov. Ricketts’ Tax Plan would give Huge Tax Breaks to the Rich

State Sen. Bob Krist said today that Gov. Pete Ricketts proposed property tax reform would provide huge tax breaks for the wealthy including the governor’s own family. “From the day he stepped into office, Pete Ricketts has demanded special tax breaks for the rich while abandoning the rest of us. In fact, the Governor’s tax […]

Nebraska Legislature has for the 8th Year in a Row Defeated a Voter ID Bill

Today, the Nebraska Legislature voted to not to advance LR1CA, a constitutional amendment to require all voters to carry a government issued ID to vote. Nebraska is one of 17 states to not allow the voter suppression tactic of voter-id. The others: Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Illinois, Minnesota, Wyoming, […]

Nebraska Democratic Party’s Statement on the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Assassination

 The Nebraska Democratic Party has released the following statement on the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Assassination. “Today as we mark the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King we are reminded of the many sacrifices he made for us all to be in a place we’re in today. Even with the setbacks […]

Austin Hennrich withdraws of LD 18 race and endorses Scott Winkler

Austin Hennrich, a Democrat running in the 18th Legislative District, has decided to withdraw from the race and endorse Scott Winkler for the seat. Scott Winkler is also a Democrat running for the 18th Legislative District. Austin Hennrich released the following statement in regards to his endorsement: “I am endorsing Scott Winkler for LD-18 because […]

Nebraska Farmers and Ranchers Speak Out: Trade Wars Will Hurt Us and Our Families

Deb Fischer’s Ineffective Leadership Means Nebraskans Lose Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers are joining Jane Raybould in warning Washington that these new tariffs, the sparks to ignite a trade war, could have dire consequences for not only the Cornhusker ag economy, but the economic health and wellbeing of the entire state. In response to the lack […]