Press Releases

National and Nebraska Democrats Push Back on Trump’s Racial Slur

Below is the statements released by the Nebraska Democratic Party and the DNC. Nebraska Democratic Party’s 1st Associate Chair, Frank LaMere released the following statement: “The disparaging remarks that Donald Trump made about Senator Elizabeth Warren was insensitive and ignorant at best and clearly racist at worst!  I do not have to tell you what […]

Senator Fischer’s Failure to Condemn Roy Moore Another Sign Fischer’s Gone Washington

After a long weekend where Senators across the political spectrum called on US Senate Candidate Roy Moore to drop out of contest to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deb Fischer has instead chosen to stand by Moore and extreme-right Steve Bannon who has threatened to primary Fischer. “Nebraskans know the difference between right and wrong, […]

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Kleeb’s Statement on American Bar Associations evaluation of Steve Grasz

Below is the statement released from Chair Kleeb. “Sen. Fischer first tells us she has ‘no concerns with Pres. Trump’ and now she tells Nebraskans that Steve Grasz should be appointed as a judge even though the most respected body of lawyers in our country said he is unqualified and too biased to serve in […]

Chair Kleeb Speaks with 75 Democrats in Wakefield about Winning Elections

Wakefield – On Sunday, October 29th, Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party, Jane Kleeb, spoke to a crowd of 75 at an event hosted by the Dixon County Democrats. We talked about how Democrats engage with people that traditionally don’t turn out to vote. We talked about how we rebuild our party by empowering our […]

Republican Budget Cuts Hurt Nebraska Families: 500,000 Nebraskans Rely on Medicaid and Medicare

Today, the House of Representatives voted on the Senate budget resolution that is a disaster for Nebraskans. Congressman Bacon and Fortenberry voted for this reckless budget that will hurt families all over the state. The Republicans have once again shown they protect the top 1% above all else. “Over 500,000 Nebraskans rely on government-run Medicaid […]