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Rep. Fortenberry Takes Away Health Care Options To Support the Extremely Wealthy

LINCOLN – Chair Kleeb’s statement on Aetna withdrawal from marketplace. “Rep. Jeff Fortenberry should take responsibility for Aetna withdrawing from the marketplace, leaving Nebraskans with fewer options for health insurance, because he didn’t have the guts to stand up to his party in order to fix the fundamental problems of health care in our state […]

Bacon, Fortenberry, Smith Voted to Take Away Heath Care

Today, Congressmen Bacon, Fortenberry and Smith voted to take health care away from 24 million Americans, raise premiums for older Americans, and threaten affordable care for 277,900 Omaha Metro residents alone–with thousands more at-risk now in rural communities–with pre-existing conditions, all to pay for a $600 billion tax cut for the rich. Take action by […]

Public Official or Candidate? Stothert Blurs the Line in Latest Media Stunt

Lincoln, NE—Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert announced Tuesday, a week before Election Day, new city spending decisions at a press event from her campaign office – a clear violation of ethics for elected officials running for office. In response, the Nebraska Democratic Party (NDP) yesterday filed a complaint with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission, urging […]

Democrats Flip City Council, Show Momentum for Omaha Races and 2018 Election Cycle

Democrats Flip City Council, Show Momentum for Omaha Races and 2018 Election Cycle Tonight, Lincoln showed that they are fed up with how Republicans are governing and are rejecting the one-party rule in our state. Voters elected Leirion Gaylor Baird and Bennie Shobe to the City Council giving Democrats the majority. Voters elected Democrat Zachary […]

GET THE FACTS: Extreme Stothert-Walker Agenda Will Hurt Omaha’s Middle Class Families

As Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert campaigns alongside Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker—a failed Republican presidential candidate who is one of the least popular governors in the entire country—the Nebraska Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin are highlighting the extreme views and out-of-touch policies Stothert and Walker share. Mayor Stothert bragged to the media that Governor Walker “governed like […]