Press Releases

Nebraska Democratic Party’s response to weekend shooting in Omaha

The Nebraska Democratic Party has released the following statements. “The Nebraska Democratic Party is committed to reducing gun violence. Whether in a school, mall, place of worship, playground or on the streets every Nebraskans should feel safe in our communities. We must take action to ensure we are saving lives.” Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party […]

Nebraskans can thank Sen. Deb Fischer as health insurance rates skyrocket

Lincoln, NE – Thousands of Nebraskans could be hit with double-digit increases — possibly as high at 80 percent — for their Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance premiums next year, thanks to Sen. Deb Fischer. Fischer’s votes to cripple the ACA are especially magnified in rural states like Nebraska — which did not expand […]

Democrats Ready to Protect Children

Reports are again coming in about yet another school shooting and no action from Republican lawmakers. Fischer has proven that she cares more about the NRA’s money than the lives of our children. Ricketts has said that mental health experts should help write meaningful legislation while he was speaking to the NRA. He said this […]

Sen. Fischer votes again with big internet companies and rejects protecting Nebraska consumers

With her pockets bulging with money from big internet providers such as Comcast, Verizon and Time Warner, Sen. Deb Fischer has again failed Nebraskans by proclaiming that a Senate vote to preserve so-called net neutrality was a “a political distraction.” But the fact that Fischer voted Wednesday against a measure to preserve net neutrality should […]

Nebraska GOP Turnout Plummets in Primary Election While Democrat Turnout Flourishes

The Nebraska Republican Party saw a huge drop in voter turnout for Tuesday’s Primary Election, while Nebraska Democrats enjoyed an increase as the party continues to build muscle and momentum heading toward the 2018 General Election. The GOP saw a drop of more than 25 percent in the number of Republicans voting — 168,000 compared […]