Press Releases

Senator Pansing Brooks Announces Candidacy for Second Term to Nebraska Legislature

LINCOLN – District 28 Senator Patty Pansing Brooks announced her candidacy today for a second term to the Nebraska Legislature, highlighting her record of accomplishments and her agenda for the future. “I am grateful to have been able to fight successfully in the Legislature for a host of important issues over the last three years,” […]

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Jane Kleeb’s, statement on Senator Krist’s campaign for Governor

NEBRASKA – “Senator Bob Krist’s run for Governor is good for democracy. Nebraska has one-party rule right now. Democrats and Independents are part of the fabric of our state and deserve a seat at the table for making decisions that impact our families. More ideas, beyond the dominant Party in our state, are needed to […]

Cavanaugh Seeks to Fill Vacant Seat in the Unicameral

The Nebraska Democratic Party supports the appointment of Machaela Cavanaugh to the now vacant District 6 legislative seat. We hope Gov. Ricketts looks beyond Republican candidates and considers who is best to serve the district. Cavanaugh Seeks to Fill Vacant Seat in the Unicameral OMAHA, NE — Machaela Cavanaugh, an Omaha native with an extensive […]

Ashford vehemently disagrees with Don Bacon Vote Shutting down the government should never be an Option

Omaha, NE – Brad Ashford vehemently disagrees with Representative Bacon for his vote against keeping the government open, raising the debt limit ceiling and providing critical emergency funds to hurricane victims. “This is an absolutely unacceptable vote,” Ashford said. “The first order of business, as a Representative, is never voting to shut the government down. […]

Nebraska Democrats stand up for DACA, Trump and the Republican Party Favor Extreme-Right

NEBRASKA- The Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, created by Pres. Obama in 2012, protects nearly 800,000 young people that were brought to the United States by their parents. In Nebraska, 3,371 young immigrants live, work and learn in our big cities and small towns. Dreamers are educated here, raised here, and love this country, […]