Elected Democrats

Public Service Commission

Crystal Rhoades, Public Service Commission

State Board of Education

Lisa Fricke, State Board of Education
Patsy Koch-Johns, State Board of Education
Maureen Nickels, State Board of Education

State Senators

Carol Blood, State Legislature District 3
Mike McDonnell, State Legislature District 5
Tony Vargas, State Legislature District 7
Burke Harr, State Legislature District 8
Sara Howard, State Legislature District 9
Justin Wayne, State Legislature District 13
Lynne Walz, State Legislature District 15
Matt Hansen, State Legislature District 26
Anna Wishart, State Legislature District 27
Patty Pansing-Brooks, State Legislature District 28
Kate Bolz, State Legislature District 29
Rick Kolowski, State Legislature District 31
Dan Quick, State Legislature District 35
Sue Crawford, State Legislature District 45
Adam Morfeld, State Legislature District 46


Miles Bannan, Chadron Vice Mayor
Roger Foster, Crete Mayor
Chris Beutler, Lincoln Mayor
Ted Griess, Minden Mayor
Josh Eickmeier, Seward Mayor
Carroll Smith, Valley Mayor

Public Power, Utilities, Natural Resources

Jim Begley, Metropolitan Utilities District
Thomas Dowd, Metropolitan Utilities District
Gwen Howard, Metropolitan Utilities District
Fred Conley, Natural Resource District
James Thompson, Natural Resource District
Fred Christensen, Nebraska Public Power District
Mary Harding, Nebraska Public Power District
Gary Thompson, Nebraska Public Power District
Thomas Barrett, Omaha Public Power Board
Anne McGuire, Omaha Public Power Board
Craig Moody, Omaha Public Power Board
Larry Bradley, Papio-Missouri Natural Resource District
Patrick Leahy, Papio-Missouri Natural Resource District

City Council and County Boards

Earl Jones, Alliance City Council
Pasha Korber-Gonzalez, Alliance City Council
Thomas Burns, Bellevue City Council
Don Preister, Bellevue City Council
Tony Gomez, Dakota County Commission
Mike Boyle, Douglas County Commissioner
James Cavanaugh, Douglas County Commissioner
Marc Kraft, Douglas County Commissioner
Chris Rodgers, Douglas County Commissioner
Michael Goldfish, Greeley County Commissioner
Joseph Leslie, Greeley County Commissioner
Douglas Wrede, Greeley County Commissioner
Doug Clark, Gretna City Council
Angie Lauritsen, Gretna City Council
Jason Stahr, Gretna City Council
Nancy Mostek, Hooper City Council
Kelly Sell, La Vista City Council
Jennifer Brinkman, Lancaster County Commission
Carl Eskridge, Lincoln City Council
Leirion Gaylor Baird, Lincoln City Council
Jane Raybould, Lincoln City Council
Bennie Shobe, Lincoln City Council
Emily Kirschenmann, North Bend City Council
Tom Mullally, North Bend City Council
Pete Festersen, Omaha City Council
Ben Gray, President, Omaha City Council
Chris Jerram, Omaha City Council
Vinny Palermo, Omaha City Council
Steve Engberg, Papillion City Council
Tom Mumgaard, Papillion City Council
Craig Alberhasky, Ralston City Council
Maureen Konwinski, Ralston City Council
Bennard Preis, Ralston City Council
Oscar Gomez, South Sioux City Council
Dan Craney, Springfield City Council
Roy Swenson, Springfield City Council
Bryon Ueckert, Valley City Council

Community College Boards

Roger Garcia, President, Metro Community College Board of Governors
Kara Eastman, Metro Community College Board of Governors
Ronald Hug, Metro Community College Board of Governors
Linda McDermitt, Metro Community College Board of Governors
Michael Young, Metro Community College Board of Governors

County Officials

Denise Kracl, Colfax County Attorney
Fred Mytty, Dodge County Clerk
Diane Battiato, Douglas County Assessor
Donald Kleine, Douglas County Attorney
Dan Esch, Douglas County Clerk
Thomas Doyle, Douglas County Engineer
Thomas Riley, Douglas County Public Defender
John Ewing, Douglas County Treasurer
Cindy Bassett, Greeley County Attorney
Kathy Sweeney, Greeley County Clerk Magistrate
Sharon Rosander, Greeley County Deputy Treasurer
David Weeks, Greeley County Sheriff
Vicki Goodrich, Greeley County Treasurer
Jacqueline Wells, Greeley County VA Service Officer
Mindy Grossart, Greeley County Clerk
Kathy Jensen, Juniata Board of Trustees
Dan Nolte, Lancaster County Clerk
Joe Nigro, Lancaster County Public Defender
Zachary Mora-James, Lincoln Airport Authority
Garry Lee, Waterloo Trustee

School Boards

Sarah Centineo, Bellevue School Board
Scott Eby, Bellevue School Board
Mike Kinney, Bellevue School Board
Nina Wolford, Bellevue School Board
Brad Renter, Bennington Board of Education
Dan Moran, Fremont Board of Education
Dawn Stock, Gretna School Board
Paul Dvorak, Howells-Dodge Schools Board
Lorraine Chang, Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties
Amy Friedman, Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties
Nancy Jacobson, Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties
Tonya Ward, Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties
Yolanda Williams, Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties
Barb Baier, Lincoln Public School Board
Kathy Danek, Lincoln Public School Board
Don Mayhew, Lincoln Public School Board
Annie Mumgaard, Lincoln School Board
Amanda McGill-Johnson, Millard School Board
Tracy Casady, Omaha Public School Board
Shavonna Holman, Omaha Public School Board
Lacey Merica, Omaha Public School Board
Ben Perlman, Omaha Public School Board
Amanda Ryan, Omaha Public School Board
Marque Snow, Omaha Public School Board
Yolanda Williams, Omaha Public School Board
Connie Bowne, Papillion La Vista School Board
Jay Irwin, Ralston Public School Board
Mynor Hernandez, Schuyler School Board
Dana Blakely, Westside Board of Education
Rosie Zweiback, Westside Board of Education