Six months later, Nebraska and the U.S. are “Building Back Better” thanks to President Biden

Today marks the six month anniversary of President Biden taking office and, thanks to his historic agenda, Democrats are delivering for American families and building back better than ever.

With checks in pockets, shots in arms, and huge middle-class tax cuts, hardworking American families are optimistic about the future and overwhelmingly support the President’s plans to continue building American back better. With results like that, it’s no wonder nearly 60% of Americans approve of President Biden’s job in office.

“Our economy is booming, unemployment is down and America is thriving again thanks to President Biden’s leadership,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb. “With checks in pockets, shots in arms, and huge middle-class tax cuts, President Biden is delivering on his promises to the American people. And despite the best efforts of the GOP — including Reps. Don Bacon, Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith and Sens. Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer — to impede progress, Democrats continue tackling the issues Americans care most about — that includes rebuilding America’s transportation infrastructure, reducing the cost of child care, to protecting the voting rights.”

Here’s a look at just a few of President Biden and Democrats’ accomplishments since taking office:

  • COVID-19: The Biden administration has administered more than 315 million shots, a feat that has helped cut COVID-19 deaths by 92 percent since January.

  • Tax Cuts: President Biden cut taxes for middle-class families with children, so that eligible families are now receiving up to a $3,600 tax credit per child.

  • American Rescue Plan: President Biden and Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan to help fund vaccine deployment and economic rescue payments, which many called “the most significant legislation” in a generation. Experts say it will cut child poverty in half by next year.

  • Checks: The Biden administration has delivered $1,400 checks to more than 169 million Americans.

  • Jobs: The U.S. economy added more than three million jobs since President Biden took office, going from creating 60,000 jobs per month to 60,000 jobs every three days. 2021 is expected to be the strongest year for the economy in possibly seven decades.

  • Infrastructure: President Biden and Democrats worked across the aisle and delivered on a campaign promise to secure a historic infrastructure deal that if passed, will create good-paying union jobs and position the United States to win the 21st century.

  • Health Care: The Biden administration cut premiums for those who get health coverage from the Affordable Care Act; four in five now can get plans for $10/month. More than two million people have signed up for coverage during special enrollment.


Earlier this month Nebraska Farmers Union President John Hansen  praised Biden’s historic Executive Order on Competition and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack’s announcements in Council Bluffs, Iowa relative to the agricultural portions of that Executive Order.

“President Biden’s Competition Executive Order is the most substantial commitment to making our economy more competitive and efficient since President Teddy Roosevelt’s Trust Busting efforts 120 years ago,” Hansen said.

“All the issues Secretary Vilsack covered are long standing and critical issues Nebraska and National Farmers Union have identified and worked on for years, and have been crying out for attention and remedy. Finally, we have a President that is willing to begin the process to tackle these complicated issues, Hansen said.

The agricultural issues covered by the Executive Order on Competition included:

  • Right to Repair and the Commodity Future Trading Commission’s role in its oversight.
  • Food Labeling.
  • Ag Market Reforms.
  • Funding to help increase the capacity of small meat markets.
  • Acceleration of the deployment of high speed internet broadband to rural America.
  • Direct HHS to examine hospital mergers to make sure we are not losing rural hospitals

The Environment

In addition, President Biden has moved quickly to undo the environmental track record of his predecessor, and to place climate action at the heart of his agenda. His administration already has begun to transform the nation’s energy and environmental landscape, according to a Washington Post analysis, by overturning dozens of Donald Trump’s policies — including blocking the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline — and enacting a growing list of his own.

The Post is tracking key U.S. environmental policy shifts, following the successes of a president who has vowed “a whole-of-government approach to put climate change at the center of our domestic, national security and foreign policy.”

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