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Family Preparedness Plan

Trump’s anti-family immigration agenda and their cold-blooded actions against asylum seeking families is inhumane and unAmerican. It is vital and essential that our undocumented immigrant families and mixed-status families be well-prepared to protect their family members.  By preparing a safety plan, families and their allies can prepare for the worst case scenario, if they are […]

Hard Work Wins

Earlier this week, Kara Eastman and I were featured in a NBC article about how we move forward at time in our politics where Pres. Trump causes disruption and distraction every single day. After Trump was elected, I was pretty down and like most of us was in a state of shock. His constant attacks on democracy […]

Block Captain Update

If you are a block captain and missed the latest update, here is it! Or if you are interested in becoming a Block Captain, you can sign up here. Update comes from our Regional Director and Block Captain Coordinator, Ron Rivera: “Thank you for serving as a Block Captain. You are the key to winning […]

2018 Morrison Exon Dinner Wrap-up

Our annual Morrison Exon Dinner was an incredible night! We had a great time with the 400 Democrats that came from all over the state. A special shout out to Sen. Jeff Merkely for coming to Nebraska and talking with us about issues ranging from immigration to climate change. Candidates, activists, elected officials, party leaders, […]

What You Should Know Ahead of the KMTV/Omaha World-Herald Debate: Sen. Deb Fischer’s Record of Working Against the Interests of Nebraskans

During her tenure in the U.S. Senate, Deb Fischer has voted with her party 98 percent of the time, even when it hurt Nebraskans. Instead of serving her constituents, she’s aligned herself with the corporate special interests who bankroll her campaigns and allowed them to dictate her every action in the U.S. Senate.   Get The Facts:   […]