NDP Leadership and Staff

The Nebraska Democratic Party is made up of volunteers and staff to elect Democrats across our state.

See all of our NDP elected officers and read about the State Central Committee.

To apply for open staff positions, visit our Jobs and Internships page.

Statewide Officers


Jane Kleeb, Party Chair

Bio of Chair Kleeb


Frank LaMere, Associate Chair and DNC Member
Email: Frank@NebraskaDemocrats.org

Preston Love Jr., 2nd Associate Chair
Email: Preston@NebraskaDemocrats.org

Patty Zieg, Committeewoman and DNC Member
Email: Patty@NebraskaDemocrats.org

Ron Kaminski, Committeeman and DNC Member
Email: Ron@NebraskaDemocrats.org

Charlene Ligon, Secretary
Email: Charlene.ligon@nebraskademocrats.org

Ted Kessler, Treasurer
Email: ted@nebraskademocrats.org

CD and Caucus Chairs


John Yoakum Register, 1st CD Chair
Email: johnyoakum@aol.com

Ben Cass, 2nd CD Chair
Email: benrcass@gmail.com

Judy Vohland, 3rd CD Chair
Email: hcdp2012@gmail.com

Edison McDonald, Interfaith Caucus Chair
Email: edisonmcdonald@gmail.com

Janet Stewart, Women’s Caucus Chair
Email: janet.stewart@ndpwomenscaucus.org

Dulce Sherman, Latinx Caucus Chair

Joe Shaw, LGBTQIA Caucus Chair
Email: joeesha@yahoo.com

C.J. King, Working Families Caucus Chair
Email: cjking5406@yahoo.com

Dustin Jennings, Veterans Caucus Chair
Email: links234@gmail.com

Kimara Snipe, Black Caucus Chair
Email: kimara.snipe@gmail.com

Adrian Sanchez, Disabilities Caucus Chair
Email: reddingangel79@gmail.com

Chandra Mechelle Walker, Omaha Nation,  Native Caucus Chair
Email: chandra.walker2013@gmail.com

Bud Pettigrew, Chair of Chairs
Email: anbpettigrew@msn.com



Jim Rogers, Executive Director

Veteran political operative Jim Rogers was named executive director of the Nebraska Democratic Party in early 2019. Rogers, who most recently worked on the Jane Raybould for U.S. Senate campaign, was executive director of the NDP from 2009 to 2013. He also was political director for Brad Ashford’s successful 2014 campaign for Nebraska’s 2nd District congressional seat and then served as Ashford’s outreach director.

Precious McKessonConstituency Director

Precious McKesson was deeply involved with social welfare groups in her community, but she didn’t pay this close of attention to politics until after the 2016 election, when she noticed the drop-off in votes from African-Americans. I came to the NDP to be the voice for all. My work here is for every Nebraskan who hasn’t been heard. I’ve gotten a much deeper love for the great state of Nebraska and my fellow Democratic Family.

Kevin O’Hanlon, Communications Director

Kevin was a journalist with The Associated Press, Reuters, the Omaha-World-Herald, Lincoln Journal Star and Cincinnati Enquirer. He spent years covering the Nebraska Legislature and politics.

Ron Rivera, Field and Data Director


Ron comes to the Party with grassroots organizing experience from campaigns such as Retain a Just Nebraska and Heath Mello for Mayor.  Ron grew up in South Omaha with his family and speaks fluent Spanish.  Ron’s goal is to ensure all Democrats have a voice in our elections and democracy.