Seward County

Chair: Jessica Manley

Phone: (402) 643-4468

Vice Chair – Eric Manley

Secretary – Nan McCoy

Treasurer  John Robotham

Meetings are held quarterly and/or when needed at The Seward Memorial Library, and/or The Seward Civic Center as availability allows.

Please like our Facebook Page under “Seward County Democrats” to stay up to date with our County Party.

Join The Seward County Democratic Party & Meg Mikolajczyk, JD, Associate General Counsel & Sr. Public Affairs Manager – NE of Planned Parenthood Voters of Nebraska on Saturday, March 10th from 10 a.m.-12 p.m., Seward Civic Center, West Fireplace Room. Megan will present training on ways to campaign with messaging and storytelling to earn votes and shape movements. She will discuss ways to speak to one issue voters, canvassing for candidates and getting involved in the upcoming elections. If you are running for office, wanting to help on a campaign or just interested in how it all works, please plan to join us!