Republicans Fail to Take Health Insurance Away from Nebraskans

Lincoln, NE- Senate Republicans failed to take away health insurance from Nebraskans as they tried, yet again, to repeal ObamaCare in the early hours of Friday morning. Every Democrat and three Republican Senators voted against the bill.

Senators Fischer and Sasse continue to show that they are not listening to Nebraskans and instead are voting right in line with their Party.  Fischer and Sasse voted numerous times to take away coverage to the people that need it most.

“As Sen. Sasse pretends to be a rebel and Sen. Fischer ignores open townhalls, we thank the true maverick Sen. McCain for standing up for Americans,” stated Jane Kleeb, Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

Chair Kleeb continued saying, “The Republican Party’s signature campaign issue for the last eight years–“repeal ObamaCare”–failed yet again.”

“Given Rep. Bacon’s “hell yes” support of slashing Medicaid dollars or Sens. Fischer and Sasse’s party-line loyalty to Trump’s reckless agenda, Democrats are confident of defeating the Republicans in 2018. Instead of working on legislation that would actually benefit Americans, Republicans remain committed to an agenda that prioritizes the wealthy over middle-class and working families.”

“Nebraskans want common sense back to a body that is supposed to be governing not acting like extras in a reality TV show. The Democratic Party thanks every Democratic Senator and the three Republicans who joined with our party to protect the health care of Americans. The powerful visuals of seeing people in the streets, Americans with disabilities showing up to risk arrest in their wheelchairs and locally, Nebraskans showing up every single day for the past almost 100 days at Rep. Bacon’s office to leave comments with his staff, remind us who saved ObamaCare—We The People.”

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