Candidate Liz Renner Files for Nebraska State Board of Education in District 4

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February 22, 2024
Contact: Liz Renner
(402) 968-1102,

Liz Renner Files for Nebraska State Board of Education in District 4.

OMAHA, NE — Liz Renner, a parent and local writer and producer with a commitment to success for all students and support for educators, filed candidate paperwork this week to run for Nebraska State Board of Education representing District 4.

Renner is committed to equitable access to resources for Nebraska students. Her campaign is focused on promoting mental health support within schools, improving literacy skills, and the recruitment and retention of talented educators. She believes educators must be held in high regard through competitive compensation, access to professional development, and appropriate resources to do their best work.

“Building a love for learning is at the heart of my campaign. I will support initiatives that lead to equitable access, quality education, and a reduction of achievement gaps.”

About Liz

Renner has documentary filmmaking experience researching and producing stories focused on the history of, and present-day, public schools. She holds a master’s degree in American History and has taught English to elementary and secondary students in Japan and Hungary. Renner lives in midtown Omaha with her daughter who is in middle school. To learn more visit


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