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Gym rat, beard-stubble-grower and non sequitur-spewer Sen. Ben Sasse, has taken it on the chin — deservedly — for his bizarre, virtual commencement address to the graduates of Fremont High School last weekend.

It remains murky as to what, exactly, he was trying to pull off, but it could be argued that he was coming off a Yukon Jack/Jägermeister bender and had slept the night before in the Greyhound bus depot.

Bottom line: The thing was a train wreck.

Cue تشارلز بيرس of Esquire, with a piece headlined “Ben Sasse Parked His Speech Somewhere Between a Megachurch and Open Mic Night at the Chuckle Hut:”

…Young Ben Sasse got yet another week of self-quarantine off with a bang by providing the graduating seniors at Fremont High School in Fremont, Nebraska with 
a video commencement address, just like Barack Obama, an actual president, did all over television on Saturday night. Except that Young Ben Sasse, tie askew and quarantine stubble ablaze, parked his speech somewhere between a televised megachurch and Open Mic Night at the Chuckle Hut in North Platte.

It’s hard to get a handle on what Young Ben Sasse was going for here. Was his odd denunciation of people named “Jeremy” a signal to Pearl Jam fans in Fremont that he is not with them? Was he trying to be the Hip Senator Who Can Talk to the Young with all that business about climbing the rope in gym class? (Note: I spent four years in high school trying to climb the damn rope. Never made it off the ground.)

The denunciation of psychology was probably a pitch for the know-nothing constituency he’ll need later on. As for the rest, I have no explanation for the point where he makes an “I’m old” joke and then replies to it himself, or the sudden time-warped appearance of his 2024 presidential stump speech about the evil Chinese. Also, too: grit.

Self-quarantining has been tough on us all but, please, for the love of god, leave the comedy to the professionals.”


يقف Nebraska Democratic Party إلى جانب السناتور كيت بولز وكارا إيستمان حيث يهدفان إلى صناعة التاريخ في انتخابات نوفمبر.

لم ترسل نبراسكا امرأة ديمقراطية إلى الكونجرس قط. لدينا الآن فرصة رائعة لإرسال اثنين: Eastman في C2 و Bolz في CD1.

قالت رئيسة الحزب الوطني الديمقراطي جين كليب: "كرست كارا العقد الأخير من حياتها لضمان أن الرصاص لا يسمم أطفالنا في أوماها". "عندما تمشي في قاعات الكونجرس ، لن يكون من أجل إبرام الصفقات لقلة مختارة - فهي ترشح للعمل المناخي والرعاية الصحية لجميع سكان نبراسكان. ستدخل كارا التاريخ كأول امرأة في مجلس النواب تمثل منطقة الكونجرس الثانية.

قال كليب: "السناتور بولز هي ابنة المنطقة ، نشأت في مزرعة عائلتها وتخدم شعب ولايتنا في المجلس التشريعي لمدة ثماني سنوات". "سيتم أخيرًا تقديم خدمة المزارعين ومربي الماشية لأسرنا جنبًا إلى جنب مع مصالح مدينة لينكولن المتنامية عندما تصنع بولز التاريخ باعتبارها المرأة الوحيدة التي تمثل منطقة الكونجرس الأولى."

اقرأ أكثر:


اوقات نيويورك shamed President Trump for jettisoning the White House tradition of presidents unveiling the official portrait of their predecessor. Trump is so obsessed with trying to erase Obama’s legacy that he refused to schedule the event.

"Trump is trying to make Obama his Willie Horton, the black criminal George Bush successfully used as a racial cudgel in his race against Michael Dukakis in 1988. Trump believes that there is a seesaw mechanism to his political fortunes: If he can drag someone down, it will lift him up.

For now, that person is Obama, the man who lives in Trump’s head, who stalks his dreams, the countervailing symbol to Trump’s deficiencies.”


سينطلق مؤتمر الدولة للحزب الوطني الديمقراطي في 14 حزيران / يونيو.

You can read the proposed 2020-22 platform here.


نتركك هذا الأسبوع مع عرض من قبل مايكل راميريز on Trump’s firing of yet another inspector general.

- بقلم كيفن أوهانلون / مدير الاتصالات في الحزب الوطني الديمقراطي

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17-31 مايو: اتفاقيات المقاطعة الديمقراطية

14 يونيو: NSP اتفاقية الدولة

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