Four Strong Democratic Women Running in CD2

As we watch the Impeachment proceedings today in the House of Representatives — where Reps. Bacon, Fortenberry and Smith have all declared they will vote against protecting democracy — this is a good time to remind everyone who we are working to get elected to truly represent the people.

We have four strong Democratic women — Ann Ashford, Kara Eastman, Morgann Freeman و غلاديس هاريسون — running in the Second Congressional District to defeat Don Bacon!

The party is working hand-in-hand with every candidate, and we are excited that such a diverse and strong field of women is running. This is a historic race, since CD2 has never sent a woman to represent the district.

Following are the websites of the CD2 candidates to help you learn more about them:

Ann Ashford campaign website

 Kara Eastman campaign website

Morgann Freeman campaign website

Gladys Harrison campaign website

We will only win if the state party has the resources to register voters, turns out out Democratic base voters who have sat on the sidelines the last few years and gets more Independents joining us to end one-party rule. Please consider becoming a monthly donor to help us do that.

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