Growing Our Party to Win

The Nebraska Democratic Party is excited to announce investments into our state’s Get-Out The-Vote efforts as we head toward the Nov. 3 General Election.

Our NDP team is now a strong and diverse team of 14 staff members to help us elect Democrats up and down the ballot this November — including reclaiming the “Blue Dot” in Congressional District 2.

Chair Jane Kleeb welcomes the investments, “Our party is growing and building every single day in order to bridge urban and rural voters and elect Democrats up and down the ballot. National partners recognize the work we’ve put in to build up our state party’s infrastructure and we intend to make history together by sending the first women — Kate Bolz and Kara Eastman — to represent the First and Second Congressional Districts.”

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Working with committed Nebraska donors alongside national partners — the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic National Committee and the team of Vice President Joe Biden — we have gained additional resources that made several new hires possible and to expand our Block Captain, Voter Guide and Vote-By-Mail programs.
Please join the party in welcoming new members to our strong and diverse campaign team:

بيتر كوين
, Operations Director
Drew Rodriguez, Regional Field Director
Fatima Flores-Lagunas,
 Campaign Field Director
Giselle Bergmeier, Mobilization Director
Preston Love, 
Constituency Organizer
Adonna Bryant, Field Organizer
Alejandra Escobar, Field Organizer
Nathan Johnson,
 Field Organizer
Jaden Wade, Field Organizer

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