Message to County Chairs on Conventions

Hello County Chairs,

We wanted to update you on county conventions, Vote By Mail and other resources we have available.  With the Coronavirus/COVID-19 having reached Nebraska, your safety is our first priority. 

We are monitoring the situation and are in contact with the DNC, ASDC and other state parties on all of the next steps each of us are taking to adapt our initial plans.

County Conventions:

Due to the coronavirus, all county conventions this year will be held by phone. Participate in your county and state convention. Get all the details for dates and registration on our blog.

Vote-By-Mail Applications + Virtual Phone Banks:

The NDP is sending out Vote-By-Mail Applications to various targeted voters as well as setting up various virtual phone banks with county parties and candidates.

Ron Rivera will send an email next week with links to Virtual Phone Banks he is setting up with County Chairs. He can set one up for your county also, just email him

As of March 26, the Governor announced that ALL counties will be sending voters the Vote-By-Mail Application. 

Some counties have already sent them and some are in process. Essentially, by next week, all voters will have received an application. 

Vote-By-Mail Applications are due no later than May 1. Ballots start to get mailed to voters on April 6 by each county election commission, so the sooner people get in their Vote-By-Mail Application, the sooner they get their Vote-By-Mail Ballot.

We have a Vote-By-Mail Application request link on our website in Spanish and English. Please share these links on your FB pages and on email, especially to counties that are not getting sent Applications automatically by their local county election office:

VBM Application Request in English

VBM Application Request in Spanish

ملاحظة: If you live in Boone, Cedar, Cherry, Clay, Dawes, Dixon, Garden, Knox, Merrick, Morrill, Stanton or the rural precincts of Wayne County, a ballot will be sent to you automatically. You do not need to apply to Vote By Mail.

Resources During the Coronavirus:

We developed various resources to assist county parties and candidates in this new virtual world of campaigning.

Guide to Campaigning During the Coronavirus is full of online trainings and resources. The NDP staff put this guide together and we update it daily.

Block Captain Guide: has been updated for 2020 and includes lots of great tips on phone banking and more. While the dates for face to face contacts have changed, the guide still has great resources for volunteers.

Setting Up Virtual Phone Banks is easy and fun! We can help your county set up virtual phone banks to encourage voters to send back their Vote-By-Mail Applications and Ballots. We have a guide that walks you through the process but I can also help set one up for your county.

Thank you for all that you do! I am here to answer any questions.

–Gina Frank
(402) 613-0721- text prefered

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