NDP Press Release – Statement on Resolution Regarding Senator Mike McDonnell’s Votes

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March 2, 2024
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***NDP Press Release for Saturday, March 2, 2024***

The Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb Issues Statement on Resolution Regarding Senator Mike McDonnell’s Votes

The Nebraska Democratic Party holds our caucus, council, county parties, and State Central Committee in high regard, whose members are unequivocally expressing their concerns regarding Senator McDonnell’s consistent opposition to our core platform issues and the values of our party. 

The officers of our party have consistently stated Senator McDonnell’s voting record has adversely affected the reproductive rights of Nebraskans and the rights of transgender individuals in the state. 

The vote today of the State Central Committee on the resolution to censure, a formal action of condemnation, Sen. McDonnell’s votes puts us on the formal record again. 

Our Democratic party wholeheartedly advocates for the well-being of transgender children. We stand firmly by the LGBTQ2IA+ community, valuing and cherishing their human rights. We do not just state this–we follow our ideals up with action from tabling at various events, dedicating resources for outreach to the community, and offering resources to assist the Stonewall Democrats in candidate recruitment and voter engagement.

We staunchly protect reproductive rights, understanding their inherent foundation to freedom. We do not just state this–we follow this up with action by helping gather signatures for the ballot campaign, and this issue will be on the 300,000 Voter Guides we send in the general election. 

Recognizing the need for further clarity on using party resources, we have established a dedicated committee entrusted with appraising and refining the rules. This consequential modification of our bylaws will be subject to a vote at the State Convention on June 7-9, 2024, in Hastings.

We encourage activists and community members to attend their county conventions to be elected to the state convention to have a clear voice and vote in party resources.

The subsequent occasion at which the allocation of party resources may be a matter of deliberation, with the potential eligibility for Senator McDonnell, is for the 2025 election of Omaha Mayor. Sen. McDonnell is among several high-ranking Democrats considering running for the office of Mayor. 

بيان من الرئيسة جين كليب:

“As a party chair elected during the 2016 election cycle and came to office because of the Bernie Sanders delegates, I understand the other side of this debate. I have endured countless meetings where my progressive values were put into question. High-ranking Democrats literally pounded their fists on a table, questioning if I was a ‘real Democrat’ and saying I was not working in the best interests of the party because I was pushing reforms of national party resources along with resolutions dealing with property rights and climate change.

I told those national Democratic leaders the same message I give Nebraska grassroots advocates–we are a coalition party that welcomes all shades of blue. 

We have elected officials, candidates, and voters with more progressive values than our current party’s platform. We have elected officials, candidates, and voters who hold more conservative values than our recent party’s platform. The difference between us and Republicans is that we can hold space for all Democrats while pursuing a better Nebraska and state party.

Just as I did not want my identification as a Democrat to be in question because of my progressive values, I will not put into question Sen. McDonnell’s party affiliation as a Democrat. Our party is not putting into question Sen. McDonnell’s party affiliation. 

We can be both critical of a Democrat’s position that is clearly out of step with our party and platform while still engaging with them to build power in hopes of changing hearts and minds like leaders have done in the past from civil rights to gay marriage. Our party’s base has changed. Our party’s candidates and elected officials will change too.”


LET IT BE RESOLVED, The Nebraska Democratic Party State Central Committee resolves to formally censure Senator Mike McDonnell for his voting record that has adversely affected the reproductive rights of Nebraskans and the rights of transgender individuals in the state.


The Democratic Party stands firm in its unwavering support for our party’s values and platform, remaining resolute to engage voters and win elections. Our party is always open to other ideas from the community on how we can support other actions that build the party to elect more Democrats.

Details on attending county, state, and national conventions: https://nebraskadem.wpenginepowered.com/2024-delegate-selection-plan/

Pledge to Canvass for Democratic candidates with the Stonewall Dems: https://www.mobilize.us/nebdems/event/571797/


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