*Updated* NDP and Senator Wayne Response to Governor Pillen Signing 10 Bills But Vetoing LB25 Today

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April 24, 2024
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***Nebraska Democratic Party News Press Release for 4-24-2024***

Nebraska Democratic Party and Senator Justin Wayne Response to Governor Pillen Signing 10 Bills But Vetoing LB25 Today

LINCOLN, NE – The Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb issues the following statement regarding Governor Pillen’s vetoing of LB25:

“Governor Pillen is refusing to hold abusers accountable. I don’t care if an abuser works for the government, they need to be held accountable and so does the governmental agency if they ignored previous behaviors. Pillen is choosing abusers over kids. Another shameful act by Pillen who claims he protects kids.”

Senator Justin Wayne issues the following statement regarding the vetoing LB25:

“Today, in a travesty of justice, governments in Nebraska continued to receive more protection than child victims of sexual assault.

With his veto of LB25, the Governor blocked the Legislature’s attempt to hold accountable governments who fail to take reasonable steps to prevent or stop the sexual assault of children under their care and control. If the Governor is afraid that the liability for holding government accountable would cost too much, then it begs the question, how many children are being sexually assaulted at the hands of government negligence?

Governor Pillen has chosen the shadow of bureaucracy over justice for children. His calls for government accountability shouldn’t only be employed when he wants to lower property taxes.

As Nebraskans, we need leaders who won’t shy away from doing what’s right, especially for our children. I will always choose to protect and help child survivors of sexual assault over government failures. This is a Nebraska value that will last beyond the next seven generations.”


Introduced by Senator Justin Wayne and overwhelmingly voted on by the majority of the Nebraska Unicameral on the final day of the Legislative session, LB25 would allow claims involving child abuse or sexual assault of a child under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act. Governor Pillen signed ten bills today except for LB25.


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