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This week’s spin of “The Big Wheel of Astonishment” lands us on Thursday’s White House gathering hosted by الرئيس ترامب, at which he displayed a National Weather Service  map of Hurricane Dorian’s projected path that had been altered with a black Sharpie — his preferred writing implement.

The map was apparently “tweaked” to back up Trump’s earlier erroneous proclamation on Twitter that Dorian was headed toward Alabama — a claim which the National Weather Service said was simply not true.

المحترم تشارلز بيرس dutifully weighed in:

“This is beyond belief. Even by this guy’s standards for cheap lying, this is off the charts, across the floor, down the storm drain, into the river, and long gone off up the gulfstream.

“Remember the other day when the president* said that Hurricane Dorian posed a threat to Alabama, and then the National Weather Service told all the people in Alabama to relax because the president* didn’t know what he was talking about, so they all shouldn’t run off to the Piggly Wiggly to buy 250 loaves of bread? Whereupon, the president* expressed his annoyance at his own National Weather Service for its role in helping him look foolish? Again. (Maybe it was just their turn.) This resulted in a couple of days of social-media snark directed at the president*s Very Great Brain.

“Sharpie? He either doctored—or had doctored—the map with a freaking Sharpie? I wonder if he did it himself or contracted out the work to the Department Of Embarrassingly Clumsy Fakes, led by Secretary Of Embarrassingly Clumsy Fakes Epstein’s Mother.

“A Sharpie.

“This is just insane.”

Yes, yes it is.


Back in the Cornhusker state, the Nebraska Farm Bureau estimated that Trump’s ongoing trade dispute will cost the state’s farmers $943 million this year.

Nearly $1 BILLION, folks.

Farm Bureau economist Jay Rempe said the lost revenue will add to the financial pressure on farmers in the state and hurt Nebraska’s economy.


مثل The Associated Press has noted, Nebraska Attorney General and Legal Eaglet Doug Peterson has not pursued a lawsuit seeking to hold any opioid manufacturer, distributor or pharmaceutical company accountable for the nationwide crisis that is ravaging families. That leaves him standing alone among state attorneys general.

Of course — and predictably — Peterson mustered the “courage” to sign onto a دعوى قضائية that seeks to get the U.S. Supreme Court to declare that a landmark provision of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 banning many forms of discrimination in the workplace does not cover discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Nice work, Doug, because Equal Protection is a bad thing.


The NDP’s annual fundraiser — the Morrison Exon Event — will be Oct. 27 and is focused on celebrating #women’s vote 100! The guest speaker and time of the event will be announced soon.

لديك حتى 20 سبتمبر إلى ترشيح متطوع لجائزة.


سيكون هناك عرض خاص لفيلم "Sober Indian، Dangerous Indian" يوم 6 أكتوبر في كيرني.

ستذهب العائدات إلى ديمقراطيي مقاطعة بوفالو و برنامج زمالة NDP Frank LaMere.

الكل مرحب به. التبرع المقترح بـ $10.



سوف نعقد VendorFest و إحاطة المرشح on Sept. 29 in Lincoln. This is a training targeted at candidates and campaign staff, but all are welcome. Vendors will participate in best practices panels facilitated by NDP staff and officers. We will also review the Candidate MOU, VAN, Coordinated Campaign and other information needed to run a strong campaign.

لدينا أيضًا ملف Big Blue Weekend: اجتماع SCC ، تدريب المقعد الأزرق ، حدث التجمع الأسود 25-27 أكتوبر في أوماها. يتضمن تدريب المقعد الأزرق مع لجنة التدريب الوطني الديمقراطي ثلاثة مسارات للمرشحين وموظفي الحملة وقادة الأحزاب المحلية / النشطاء على مستوى القاعدة. يتم تدريب جميع المسارات الثلاثة على جمع التبرعات والتنظيم الرقمي والاتصالات والميدان. اتبع الرابط أعلاه لحجز غرفتك الفندقية.


We leave you this week with a rendering from جون ديرينج on the aforementioned farm crisis being exacerbated by Trump’s ridiculous trade war.

- بقلم كيفن أوهانلون / مدير الاتصالات في الحزب الوطني الديمقراطي


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