Statement about Senator John McCain’s Passing

“Senator John McCain was a hero and a giant in the United States Senate. He stood up for heathcare reform and to end torture and when he was called to serve, he not only answered the call, but showed us all what the definition of service looks like. Our love is with the McCain Family.” Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Jane Kleeb

“Like many Democrats here and across the country I watched with great reverence and respect the honoring of John McCain yesterday at the National Cathedral. Our Chairwoman asked for a moment of silence last week during our SCC call. That was good!

I applaud the VMF Caucus for their acknowledgement of the warrior-Senator and for reminding us that we toil in this political arena for the same things that Senator McCain worked for, a chance for every American to live, to grow and to flourish. A moment of reflection about who he was and what we aspire to do is in order!  Then we will get about continuing our work for the people.” Nebraska Democratic 1st Associate Chair, Frank LaMere

“Often in today’s politics we lose sight of purpose. We lose sight of something greater. As veterans we’ve all, personally, felt and experienced our greater somethings through our service to our nation, our states and our communities. Yet we still lose our sight from time to time.

The passing of John McCain has affected us greatly, not only as veterans but as Democrats and citizens as well. Senator McCain has been well respected by veterans nationwide for decades now and it’s not hard to figure out why; from his fierce determination on the Armed Services Committee to his jovial and welcome demeanor towards our troops overseas and at home. He’s been referred to as ‘the Senator from the Pentagon’ for, not only his advocacy and experience, but for his work as a military attache after he returned home from Vietnam. He’s advocated, always, for our nations veterans and for the fair and just treatment of our captured enemies.

John McCain was an imperfect man, like all people. His ideology and voting record would be considered anathema to a lot of Democrats but he was a man of principle and rarely lost sight of his own ‘greater good.’ It’s with that, the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Veterans and Military Families Caucus mourns with the rest of the nation at the passing of Captain, Congressman and Senator John McCain.” Dustin “DJ” Jennings, USAF ,Chair, NDP VMF Caucus

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