Statement of NDP Associate Chair Frank LaMere on the Zachary BearHeels Case

في يوم الجمعة، Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine announced that his office will not move forward with a misdemeanor assault trial against Ryan McClarty, a former Omaha police officer, in connection with the June 2017 death of a mentally ill Oklahoma man who was stranded in Omaha. Kleine had charged McClarty, 28, with third-degree assault after cruiser camera video showed McClarty punching Zachary BearHeels 13 times in 15 seconds.

Following is a statement from NDP Associate Chair Frank LaMere, a member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska:

“The justice in system in Douglas County and the State of Nebraska has broken down!  Who can disagree with me?  The most vulnerable man in all of Nebraska on a June 2017 night at 60th and Center was tasered and beaten to death by the Omaha Police Department but no one could find any wrongdoing!  Zachary Bear Heels was murdered under the ‘color of law.’

“We have offered up our prayers and we have put down tobacco!  Our prayers for justice and for Zachary Bear Heels to be able to rest have been heard and we will find that justice when all of us have taken heart and when we tell Omaha and all of the country that we have had enough!  It is foretold that we will gain justice only when we stand up and continue the fight that the City of Omaha and their Police Department started! I am ready to fight! What choice do we have!  They are killing our sons and daughters!  We must act!
“We must call on the US Attorney and the DOJ to see what is wrong and what has been wrong in the ranks of the Omaha Police Department! We must call on our congressional delegations and Tribal Nations to step up!  Where are the warriors and those who pump their fists at the rallies? There is no need to perceive who the enemies may be and what they may think!  They find it okay to take the most vulnerable among us and beat us to death!  To electrocute us!
“The Omaha Police Department has been allowed by the Courts and the justice system to be the judge, jury, and executioner of Zachary Bear Heels!  Investigate The whole damn bunch! They are the poster boys for collusion.”


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