The Life of the Party

Earlier last week, the Nebraska Republican Party voted to endorse the opponent of Rep. Don Bacon.

Don Bacon is not a Democrat in any sense of the word, he’s not a moderate, despite him pretending to be one on TV, and yet, the Nebraska Republicans still almost unanimously endorsed his opponent.

What does that say about the party? And what does it say about the man who’s representing Omaha in Congress?

Well, first, it says that the Nebraska GOP is moving far right. If you’re pro-Ukraine, or pro-choice, or even pro-public schools, you have no place in the Republican Party. If you think Biden won the election fair and square, even if you voted for Trump, nope, you’re actually a Democrat leftist hack according to the Republicans.

And what does it say about Don Bacon? Well – to me, it says that he’s just a bad, unlikable dude. You would think after his almost decade in Congress he would be able to form working relationships, but nope. He’s only worried about flip-flopping his positions, pandering to his donors, and trying to win re-election.

Party Roles

This situation is a good reminder on what political parties are for. In my opinion, I’ve always seen a political party as being a facilitator, not too dissimilar from the role of a good point guard, or a quarterback, or a movie director.

A great film director lets his lead actors/actresses shine, a good point guard gets the ball in the hands of shot-makers, and for quarterbacks, well, even Brock Purdy can make a Super Bowl with the right cast of playmakers!

In politics, the candidates are the star players. The party, run by the people, and for the people, is meant to facilitate the good of the candidates. None of the work that the Nebraska Democratic Party does, or any other political party, matters if candidates don’t win elections.

The majority of the NDP’s work is meant to support the candidates, not tear them down like our counterparts on the Republican side of the aisle are doing!

As we get closer to Election Day 2024, you’ll see our work become more visible. We’re sending Vote By Mail Applications to over 300,000 Nebraskans, registering 10,000 new Democratic voters, and in my favorite program, sending voter guides (as seen here) to over 300,000 Nebraska Democratic and Independent voters

All of our work is meant to make the cast around us better! We want voters to have easier access to information, candidates to have better events, outreach, and fundraising capabilities, and we want you, the people, to feel represented!

When Democrats win, Nebraska wins – it’s a simple formulaIf you want to help facilitate success and progressive wins across the state, consider chipping in!

A donation of just $5 ensures that 12 voters will see who their Democratic candidates are this cycle, and you can be an integral part of Democratic success across the state!

The Right side of History

It’s a simple choice – consistency or craziness. Democrats in our legislature are focused on common sense, tangible changes. Look no further than Sen. Danielle Conrad, who has been working hard on a bill to cap class sizes.

It’s a simple bill with a simple goal: make the quality of education better. By capping class sizes at 24, each student would get more 1 on 1 time with teachers, teacher’s are less overwhelmed, and the quality of Nebraska’s schools increases. It’s a win for all involved.

If we look to the other side of the aisle… it’s all negative, negative, negative. Republicans want to limit access and take rights away. What happened to expanding programs and helping folks?

Almost every Democratic priority bill this legislative session is aimed at directly addressing an issue. Whether it be class size, or rehabilitation for addicts, or lowering costs for cancer screenings, Democrats simply want to make your life easier.

Democratic policy isn’t about proving a point, it’s about helping folks like me and you.

حول القرن

The Super Bowl is set and much to my dismay, the Kansas City Chiefs have made it again. I know, I know, they’re the closest thing Nebraska has to a hometown pro-team, but my goodness I just can’t stand them. My Chicago-born blood just runs too thick in this case. And despite their Super Bowl appearance, the Chiefs are under attack, not from Niners fans or Chiefs haters like myself, but from Republicans.

Their newest conspiracy is that the relationship between Taylor Swift and Chiefs star Tight End Travis Kelce is a “psy-op”. Donald Trump and his allies even pledged a “holy war” against Swift. This is the kind of shit your weird cousin says at Thanksgiving, not things that real life politicians are supposed to say. The modern Republican Party, truly is, an unserious organization and joke of a political party.

You can enjoy the #SwiftieBowl pre-party with our Chair Jane Kleeb (self proclaimed founder of the #SwifitieAfter50 fan club) in Hastings on Feb. 11 where she and the Stonewall Dems are hosting a town hall. سجل هنا…word is she has some Swiftie surprises for the event 🫶🏻

And finally, we’ll end our week with… the weather. Climate change sucks and will be the end of life as we know it one day, but Lord knows I’m not complaining about 58 and sunny on the 1st of February. Take some time outside this week and enjoy the crisp Nebraska air, my friends.

شكرا لقرائتك،

يرجى النظر في التبرع للحزب الوطني الديمقراطي هنا. The fight for the soul of our nation is on the ballot in 2024– and we need help in order to keep up with the corporate mega-donors of the GOP. A donation of just $10 ensures that 25 Nebraska voters will see Democratic voter guides this year– chip in and help be part of change!

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