Democrats Flip City Council, Show Momentum for Omaha Races and 2018 Election Cycle

Democrats Flip City Council, Show Momentum for Omaha Races and 2018 Election Cycle

Tonight, Lincoln showed that they are fed up with how Republicans are governing and are rejecting the one-party rule in our state. Voters elected Leirion Gaylor Baird and Bennie Shobe to the City Council giving Democrats the majority. Voters elected Democrat Zachary Mora James to the Airport Authority, a critical infrastructure position for the growing city.

Chair Jane Kleeb’s statement on tonight’s Democratic victories: 

“Voters are sending a strong message at the local level, one-party rule is not acceptable and Democrats are creating a path that crosses party lines to help working class families.

Democrats flipped the City Council, with voting in Leirion Gaylor Baird and Bennie Shobe, which means Lincoln can move forward on more clean energy development, better zoning, and a plan to tackle climate change through expanded recycling and other efforts that help working families. The first Latino in Lincoln’s recent history, Zachary Mora James, was elected to serve on the Airport Authority.

Voters want to see more Democrats leading on key issues from climate change, infrastructure, budgets and public safety. The city of Lincoln has literally changed the landscape of downtown under Democratic Mayor Chris Beutler.

The wins in Lincoln show Nebraska Democrats have momentum going into the Omaha Mayor’s race and candidate recruitment for the critical elections in 2018.

The resistance proved we march and we vote. Thank you to all the grassroots volunteers who knocked doors and made calls for Democrats this election cycle. Your work and votes matter.”

Contact: Jacob Denniston

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