ICE Raids in O’Neill

Yesterday, August 8th, there was a raid by ICE in O’Neill and other rural communities. Federal agents came into the towns, with Governor Ricketts’ knowledge, and started tearing families apart. This has been happening all across our country since President Trump decided pleasing the far right was more important than protecting families. Every family torn apart by these cruel actions, is another example of where our Republican ruled state places their values, with corporations and not people.

The Nebraska Democratic Party has released the following statements in response:

“Our rural communities stand with families torn apart from unnecessary ICE raids ordered by Trump and aided by Gov. Ricketts. Our kids play together. We share meals together. The Agricultural economy relies on immigrant labor. Instead of ripping families and businesses apart, we ask our entire Federal delegation and statewide elected officials to do the right thing and ensure workers’ path to citizenship is faster and cuts through the red tape so our small towns can continue to thrive and our Ag economy can grow.”- Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Jane Kleeb

“The debacle and the tragedy that is playing out in O’Neill is a moral outrage that should be addressed by every Nebraskan who has ever worked until their body ached or had sleepless nights wondering if little ones who depend on them would have enough to eat! It is beneath us as Nebraskans to accept the overreach of ICE and Donald Trump and to not speak out!

As a Native American who sees all who read this as immigrants, it is time you begin to take care of each other and to be reminded that there are no illegals on stolen land!

I will rally with the Hispanic relatives and all who wish to feed their children and to have a future!  We all should!” – Frank LaMere, Nebraska Democratic Party First Associate Chair

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