NDP Chair Kleeb Statement on Nebraska GOP’s Demand that Creighton University Replace Kerrey as Commencement Speaker Because of His Pro-choice Abortion Stance

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb on Friday assailed a demand by the Nebraska Republican Party that Creighton University rescind its offer to former Gov. and U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey to give a commencement address at the school on May 18 because he is pro-choice.

“Sen. Kerrey lives his life defending our country and freedom of speech. Taking a page out of President Trump’s playbook, the Republican Party is speaking out of both sides of their mouth,” Kleeb said. “On the one side, they are applauding Trump’s Executive Order on freedom of speech on college campuses, while on the other, they are asking a private university to cancel a speech because they do not agree with Sen. Kerrey’s words.

“Sen. Kerrey put his life on the line to defend our American values,” Kleeb said. “We realize the Nebraska GOP’s new executive director just moved here from Las Vegas, but going after a veteran and Medal of Honor recipient is not a smart way to start out his tenure.”


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