Nebraskans Stand Up for Public Schools

NEBRASKA-  Today, Secretary DeVos is visiting three schools in Omaha and Lincoln. When her visit was announced, grassroots groups to the NSEA started planning actions to show DeVos that we love public schools in Nebraska. Public schools are an important part of our community and we deeply value them and the teacher that change students lives.

Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party, Jane Kleeb, released the following statement about Secretary DeVos’s visit:

“Sen. Fischer seems to be hiding from her endorsement of Sec. DeVos after the huge bi-partsian backlash on her bad vote to confirm someone who has no background in running public schools or teaching. Sen. Fischer showed her true colors when she voted for a millionaire who wants to privatize our school system rather than putting in a professional who respects the long tradition of public schools.” Chair Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party

Below are just a few points about how DeVos has been bad for Nebraska schools.

-Betsy DeVos’ sole intent as Secretary of Education has been to weaken public education and promote school choice.

-Throughout their time in office, Secretary DeVos and President Trump – two people who have never attended public schools – have actively worked against the interests of our nation’s students.  

-DeVos has chipped away at protections for borrowers and backed a budget that would cut funding for student loans.

-The Trump-DeVos budget eliminates childcare and teacher training programs.

-As the head of the Dept. of Education, DeVos has actively sought to roll back civil rights protections and investigations in schools; including overhauling Title IX rules that crack down on campus sexual assault and help students understand their civil rights.

-Nebraska’s students, parents and teachers deserve so much more – beginning with a Secretary of Education and President who are committed to our students and public education.

-That is why Democrats will keep fighting to protect students and invest in their futures by providing them with access to an affordable education and job training that expands opportunity for all Americans.

For more information about how DeVos and Trump are hurting our schools, check out our website.

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