Rep. Fortenberry Takes Away Health Care Options To Support the Extremely Wealthy

LINCOLN – Chair Kleeb’s statement on Aetna withdrawal from marketplace.

“Rep. Jeff Fortenberry should take responsibility for Aetna withdrawing from the marketplace, leaving Nebraskans with fewer options for health insurance, because he didn’t have the guts to stand up to his party in order to fix the fundamental problems of health care in our state and country.  Fortenberry is responsible for creating the problem by voting to eliminate almost 90 percent of the risk corridor payments to insurers that accept high numbers of people with pre-existing conditions and other illnesses. He did not stand up for Nebraskans because he, like many Republicans, are worried about being primaried by Ricketts and Trump.

Instead of showing courage, Fortenberry voted last week for a law that would eliminate guaranteed coverage of patients with pre-existing conditions and take health insurance away from 24 million Americans, all so the extremely wealthy, like Ricketts and Trump, could get a tax break.

Fortenberrry insists he cares about the working class and the poor yet his actions show us otherwise.”

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