Statement from NDP’s Native Caucus on Indigenous Peoples Day in Nebraska

The Native Caucus of the Nebraska Democratic Party would like to acknowledge and support the long overdue recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day in our state.

This day is an important step toward elevating voices, experiences and visibility of Native Americans, Tribal Nations & Indigenous Peoples in Nebraska.

Today marks the first official Indigenous Peoples Day in Nebraska after a 43-0 vote in our unicameral to pass LB848 this past Spring. This step toward inclusion and the active dissembling of racism in our state was commendable.

The Native Caucus remains diligent and dedicated to accurate, authentic and active inclusion of the Native American tribal history in the state of Nebraska.

In honor of Indigenous Peoples Day:

(1). We encourage each of you to reflect on the importance of this day in your life, tribe and/or family;

(2). We support the Voter Registration efforts in and among our communities and welcome you to share your stories; and,

(3). We would like to thank the Nebraska Democratic Party for its support of its Native Caucus and our voices in the Democratic Process.

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