Lincoln (10/24/14) – Today, Vince Powers, Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party, held a press conference to address the issue of state contracts by the Republican Candidate for Auditor Charlie Janssen. RTG Medical, a company owned by Janssen, holds contracts with the State of Nebraska’s Health and Human Services (HHS) department. HHS is a department that is audited by the State of Nebraska Auditor. RTG Medical’s contracts pose a conflict of interest for candidate Charlie Janssen.

Vince Powers, Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party, said:
“With less than two weeks to go, the Nebraska Democratic Party believes that Nebraska voters have a right to know about Mr. Janssen’s conflicts of interest when it comes to his company’s contracts with the state of Nebraska. Mr. Janssen has sat down with the editorial boards of the two largest newspapers and in both cases they have agreed that his company contracts are an issue in this race. The Nebraska Democratic Party agrees with them. When the fox watches the hen house we say that is a conflict of interest, and when Charlie Janssen’s company has contracts with the state that he, as auditor, would be auditing, we call that a conflict. And it disqualifies him for the office for which he is running.”

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