A message to Independent voters from NDP Chair Jane Kleeb


As you know, 46 percent of America’s voters consider themselves Independents. In the great state of Nebraska, where I am the proud to serve as Democratic State Party Chair, Independents are the fastest-growing voting bloc.

As we head into the 2020 election, it is simply not acceptable that close to 26 million Americans will be barred from voting in the presidential primaries because they live in states that did not permit Independents to vote and participate in our Democratic process.

The Nebraska Democratic Party voted to allow unaffiliated voters — Independents — to cast ballots in the 2020 presidential primaries.

This will be the first year where Independents votes will count towards the presidential nomination process in our state. 

We also moved from a caucus to a primary to ensure more access to the ballot and to help us identify Independent voters who agree with our issues and values.

Nebraska is unique. We have a Unicameral, a one-house legislature that is non-partisan. The  members of the Unicameral are elected with a “top two” primary system, allowing all voters to participate.

Because of this, even in a red state where Republicans dominate all federal and statewide offices, we have been able to pass progressive and populist reforms like ensuring Dreamers have access to drivers licenses and in-state college financial aid. I am confident this coming year we will get veto-proof majority to also ensure once someone who serves their sentence in jail that their voting rights are automatically restored.

Together, we are changing the political landscape, one that lives up to the phrase–We The People. Let’s get out there and get things done.

Request a Vote-by Mail Ballot (and if you want to participate in the Democratic Primary, make sure to write “I request a Democratic Ballot.”)


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