Fischer and Sasse Betray Nebraskans, Turn Backs on Survivors

Senators Fischer and Sasse both voted to send Brett Kavanaugh to the United States’ Supreme Court for a lifetime appointment.

“Brett Kavanaugh is a partisan operative, not a Supreme Court Justice. Nebraskans flew to DC and picked up the phone to share their stories and ask the Senators to vote no. Yet, it is clear today that the Republican Party is more important to Sasse and Fischer than the independence of our highest court.” said Chair Jane Kleeb.

“We need to show up in the streets and in the ballot box,” says Kleeb “It is clear, the only message Fischer can not ignore is the one we send on Election Day.”

“I guess Senator Sasse and Senator Fischer sure showed me! But that is neither here nor there as my concerns about Judge Kavanaugh and the allegations before us pale in comparison to the concerns of hundreds of thousands of Nebraska women and millions across this country who must now feel a clear sense of betrayal!” said Frank LaMere, Nebraska Democratic Party’s First Associate Chair.

“My daughter and my wife are beside themselves as all women should be! This is the 21th century. It is 2018. 31 days before the election. As we prepare for Election Day let us remember what the Lakota people say about the importance of our women. The people are not defeated until the hearts of the women are on the ground. Time for us all to hold them up! That will be good!” LaMere said.

Further information:

视频 of Sen. Fischer ignoring survivors.

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