NDP Response to Protecting the Fair Electoral Vote in Nebraska


四月5, 2024
联系人:José Flores, Jr.,传讯总监
402-215-1052, jose@nebraskademocrats.org

***Nebraska Democratic Party News Press Release for 4-5-2024***

Nebraska Democratic Party Response to Protecting Our Fair Electoral Vote

LINCOLN, NE – The Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb issues the following statement regarding Speaker Arch’s announcement this morning that the window to add Legislative Bill 764 (Winner Take All Electoral Vote System) to unrelated bills has closed, preserving the existing method of allocating presidential electoral votes:

“Trump extremists did their best to interfere with our fair electoral votes process and they failed. They failed to understand Nebraskans want fairness. They failed to understand the mechanics of our Unicameral. And they failed to understand yet again the grit of Democrats. We remain focused on talking with voters in the Second Congressional District and across our great state about protecting our freedoms from extremists on energy, reproductive rights, human rights, education, and the fundamentals of our democracy.

While the speaker has made it clear the window to add winner take all to a bill has closed, we will monitor the actions in the Unicameral and are prepared to keep fighting to protect our fair electoral voting system.”