NDP Chair Kleeb Praises Strong Slate of Democrats That Advanced to the May 7 City of Lincoln General Election

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb praised the strong slate of Democratic candidates that advanced in Tuesday’s City of Lincoln Primary Election and now heads to the May 7 General Election.

“The strength of Democratic voters continues to beat expectations as we build our party across the state,” Kleeb said.

في السباق عمدة, ديموقراطي ليريون جايلور بيرد will face Republican Cyndi Lamm in the General Election.

Democratic Mayor Chris Beutler was precluded from seeking a fourth term after voters approved a three-term limit on the office that was pushed by the GOP. Beutler had beaten Republican candidates in the last three mayoral elections. Democrats have held the mayor’s office since 1999.

In races for the مجلس المدينةديمقراطي جيمس مايكل باورز, a school social worker and small business owner, will face Republican Taylor Wyatt for the District 1 seat that is now held by Lamm, who did not seek re-election in order to run for mayor.

In District 2, Democrat ميغان ستوك, an elementary school teacher, will face Republican Richard Meginnis for the seat being vacated by Republican Jon Camp, who did not not seek re-election.

In District 3, Democratic incumbent جين رايبولد, an executive with her family’s grocery store chain, will face Republican Colten Zamrzla.

In District 4, ديموقراطي تامي وارد, a longtime political and community activist and aide to former U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson, will face Libertarian James Herrold for the seat being vacated by Democrat Carl Eskridge, who did not seek re-election.

In races for the مجلس مدارس لينكولن للتعليم العام, Democratic incumbent آني مومجارد will face Republican Paul Claus in District 4.

في District 6, Democrat بوب رونر, a Lincoln physician, was unopposed in his first bid to serve on the board.

And in the race for a seat on the هيئة مطار لينكولن, Democrat اورنج زيب, a Lincoln business manager, will face Independent Nick Cusick.

“Democratic candidates are ready to work hard in the general election to continue the great work of Mayor Beutler and the Democratic majority of the Lincoln City Council,” Kleeb said.







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