NDP Chair Kleeb Praises Strong Slate of Democrats That Advanced to the May 7 City of Lincoln General Election

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb praised the strong slate of Democratic candidates that advanced in Tuesday’s City of Lincoln Primary Election and now heads to the May 7 General Election.

“The strength of Democratic voters continues to beat expectations as we build our party across the state,” Kleeb said.

在争夺 市长, 民主党人 莱里昂·盖勒·贝尔德 will face Republican Cyndi Lamm in the General Election.

在选民批准了共和党推动的三届任期限制后,民主党市长克里斯·博伊特勒 (Chris Beutler) 被排除在寻求第四个任期之后。博伊特勒在过去三届市长选举中击败了共和党候选人。民主党人自 1999 年以来一直担任市长职务。

在比赛中 市议会, 民主党 詹姆斯·迈克尔·鲍尔斯(James Michael Bowers), a school social worker and small business owner, will face Republican Taylor Wyatt for the District 1 seat that is now held by Lamm, who did not seek re-election in order to run for mayor.

In District 2, Democrat Megan Stock, an elementary school teacher, will face Republican Richard Meginnis for the seat being vacated by Republican Jon Camp, who did not not seek re-election.

在第 3 区,民主党现任 简·雷博尔德, an executive with her family’s grocery store chain, will face Republican Colten Zamrzla.

在第 4 区, 民主党人 塔米病房, a longtime political and community activist and aide to former U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson, will face 自由主义者 James Herrold for the seat being vacated by Democrat Carl Eskridge, who did not seek re-election.

在比赛中 林肯公立学校教育委员会, 民主党现任 安妮·芒格 will face Republican Paul Claus in District 4.

第六区,民主党 鲍勃·劳纳林肯医生在他第一次竞选董事会时没有遭到反对。

And in the race for a seat on the 林肯机场管理局, Democrat 奥朗·泽布(Aurang Zeb), a Lincoln business manager, will face Independent Nick Cusick.

“Democratic candidates are ready to work hard in the general election to continue the great work of Mayor Beutler and the Democratic majority of the Lincoln City Council,” Kleeb said.