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Where to start?

This week, the self-proclaimed “Very Stable Genius,” aka President Trump, took several victory laps exalting that he had “aced” a cognitive assessment test.

Of course, you cannot “ace” the The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), which Trump took as part of his 2018 annual physical.

In an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Trump insisted that the test was difficult and proved his self-perceived bigly IQ.

Enter Mashable’s Caitlin Welsh:

Trump’s rambling, non-linear speaking style makes George W. “Is Our Children Learning?” Bush look like the greatest orator of the modern era in comparison. The contrast between his more natural, coherent speech just a few years ago and his tendency to slur words, as well as his habit of sharing thought bubbles like “Could we inject bleach into the body to kill the coronavirus?” right in front of TV cameras and journalists, have long had people speculating that the 74-year-old is experiencing some cognitive decline.

To combat this narrative, Trump revealed that in 2018 he took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) — a simple test designed to help doctors assess cognitive function, typically administered to adults whose loved ones are concerned about possible dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other conditions. It involves simple tasks like drawing a clock, identifying pictures of common animals, and repeating five simple, unrelated words back to the administering doctor and then remembering them later in the test.

Trump has been bragging repeatedly that he “aced” it, which is a bit like boasting that you made yourself a PB&J without cutting off your thumb: Technically, it’s a good thing, but it’s also a very, very low bar to clear.

Here are five words we all need to remember: Vote him out this November.

Just 102 days, folks.


This weekend, the NDP is launching a series of Yard Sign Drive-Thru Parties to distribute yard signs for Vice President Joe Biden and our strong Nebraska candidates including Kate Bolz, Kara Eastman and legislative candidates. The parties will allow people to drive up and have NDP staff and volunteers load their yard signs and help them register to vote or apply for a Vote-by-Mail ballot.

“This weekend marks 100 days until the election and our party is united and excited to have the momentum on our side to win the Biden Blue dot and to send the first women to Congress from the First and Second Congressional Districts,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb. “Grassroots organizing and strong field operations, like the yard sign parties and phone banking will win elections — and the party is here to lead the way to victory.”

Los eventos de este fin de semana serán en Omaha, Papillon, Lincoln y Wayne. Se planean más después de eso.

Saturday July 25: Omaha, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Estacionamiento OSBN, 2505 N. 24th St.

Saturday July 25: Papillion, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., 1124 Rawhide Road

Sunday July 26: Lincoln, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Estacionamiento NDP, 3701 O St.

Sunday July 26: Wayne, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Victor Park Campground


El NDP ha iniciado una serie de eventos en línea de Bienvenida al Partido dirigidos a nuevos votantes. Responderemos todas sus preguntas sobre la votación y cómo participar. Puede escribir sus preguntas en el chat o hacerlas en vivo.

Registrate aquí.


In case you missed: NDP Chair Jane Kleeb and state Sen. Adam Morfeld were on a Virtual Discussion last week hosted by Open Primaries. They talked about Nebraska’s unicameral, nonpartisan Legislature and how the NDP opens its primary to independent voters and how it creates incentives for candidates to reach out to all constituents, understand their concerns and cooperate with colleagues without having to toe the party line.

Watch it here:


Os dejamos esta semana con una representación de Mike Luckovich on Trump’s decision to send in federal agents to quell protests around the nation.

–By Kevin O’Hanlon/NDP Communications DirectorIf you’d like to receive #NebDems News via email, just let us know by sending a note to: [email protected]


NOTA: Si había planeado asistir a cualquier evento que no sea del NDP, le recomendamos que consulte con los organizadores el estado debido a la pandemia.


25 de julio Omaha: Biden + Nebraska Candidate Yard Sign Party Drive-Thru Party

25 de julio Papillion: Biden + Nebraska Candidate Yard Sign Party Drive-Thru Party

26 de julio: Lincoln: Biden + Nebraska Candidate Yard Sign Drive-Thru Party

26 de julio: Wayne: Biden + Nebraska Candidate Yard Sign Drive-Thru Party

July 28: Welcome to the Party Call: Legislature: Back in Session

1 de agosto: GI: Biden + Nebraska Candidate Yard Sign Party Drive-Thru Party

1 de agosto: Hastings: Biden + Nebraska Candidate Yard Sign Party Drive-Thru Party

2 de agosto: Kearney: Biden + Nebraska Candidate Yard Sign Party Drive-Thru Party

2 de agosto: North Platte: Biden + NE Candidate Yard Sign Drive-Thru Party

2 de agosto: Sarpy County Democrats Legacy Event

15 de agosto: Evento Patriotas Demócratas del Condado de Lancaster

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