Dear Old Nebraska Two

♫ Because there’s no place like Nebraska, Dear Old Nebraska Two ♫

I mean, it’s not exactly how the Husker fight song goes, but it’s close enough, right?

Whether it’s the Husker fight song, chili and cinnamon rolls, or the Nebraska Unicameral, there are some Nebraskan traditions that are perfect just the way they are. They don’t need modern innovation, they don’t need multimillion-dollar rebrands, and they don’t need change.

This state’s tradition is what gives it such an endearing character and the unique identity that we have all grown to love.

However, the actions of Nebraska’s Republicans this week are attempting to tear down the very traditions and systems that characterize our state.

There is something sacred and beautiful about Nebraska’s traditions. And change can be good, but only when it benefits the people as a whole. The disrespect of tradition in favor of self-interested legislation is wrong, immoral, and antithetical to everything our state stands for. And we cannot let a few selfish individuals take those traditions away.

Math101: Electoral Algebra

I hope you came prepared for a math lesson here today! Simply put, the road to the White House runs through Nebraska, and more specifically Omaha.

Why? You might ask. Well, Nebraska has its own traditions regarding the Electoral College!

In the map below, you’ll see every state is a solid color. If you win California, you get 54 electoral votes, if you win Mississippi, you get 6, and so on and so forth. But why does Nebraska have three little boxes inside of it?

Nebraska apportions its electoral votes by Congressional District. We have three separate Congressional districts. Each one receives one electoral vote in the Electoral College. And ever since 2008, Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District (NE-02), which largely contains the Omaha metro area, has been a Democratic stronghold.

So instead of campaigning harder, or passing popular policies for the people of Omaha, what do Republicans want to do? They want to rid us of our traditions, moving to the “Winner Take All” model, all so that they can win that one significant electoral vote. Governor Pillen, extremist online personality Charlie Kirk, Donald Trump, and the Republicans of the State Legislature will try to ram this plan through at the 11th hour – we cannot let that happen. Plain and simple, this is a flat-out ploy to take power away from the people of Nebraska.

But I mean, come on, with 538 total electoral votes, how could one singular vote possibly matter? Well, let’s get funky – check out this likely scenario down below.

If Nebraska were to be a “Winner Take All” state, the map below is very possible. Check out those numbers up top. 269-269. A deadlock. A tie. No winner of the Presidential election.


However, if we make just one tiny change, and Nebraska stays with its current system, we get this map.


Well, would ya look at that? In the scenario, as is, with Nebraska keeping in tune with its systems and traditions, NE-02 is the only thing breaking a tie in the Presidential race.

An attempt to change to the Winner Take All model this close to the election is a brazen attempt by Jim Pillen, Charlie Kirk, and the MAGA extremists to install Donald Trump as President. Taking away the voting power of Nebraskans is as undemocratic as it gets.

To my fellow Nebraskans, your vote matters more than ever! This one electoral vote is the difference between 4 more years of Joe Biden and 4 years of a wannabe fascist.

And I don’t care who you’re voting for, the fact that Governor Pillen wants to make your vote not matter should piss you off!

If Republicans want to win, they should knock on doors, make calls, and change the minds of the voters of Nebraska. They shouldn’t be able to change the rules whenever they want to get a predetermined outcome.

Play by the Rules

It’s a simple message really: play by the rules. The people of Nebraska have had this system enshrined in our laws. We have turned out to the polls, knowing that our vote genuinely matters. It ensures that the voice of every Nebraskan is heard. The vote of a farmer out in Ogallala matters just as much as the vote of a community leader in North Omaha. And the best part is both of them have their voices heard!

If Republicans want to win NE-02, be my guest because I can promise you Democrats will fight harder, work longer, and beat you in the polls. But in Governor Pillen’s radical attempt to rig the deck, the only loser is the people of Nebraska.

We live in a unique state where everyone’s voice matters. From Scottsbluff to Omaha and everywhere in between. And that is a beautiful thing, regardless of what party you support.

Elections are a time for the voice of the people to be lifted up and celebrated, not diminished.

And even though Democrats have won the battle, the war is still yet to come. The Republican Party will continue to try to attach the Winner Take All model to every bill that they try to pass. They will pressure moderate folks by belittling them, calling them “RINOs”, and using scare tactics.

Governor Pillen may even call a special session of our Legislature to ram this bill through. We must fight against that bill, tooth and nail. I implore you to sign onto our petition, calling on Senators not to support the Winner Takes All Bill.

Please call your Senator, to either urge them not to support the bill, or to thank them for standing up for democracy.

Gracias por leer,

Por favor considere donar al NDP aquí. It will take time, money, and effort to defeat the GOP this year, even if the deck isn’t rigged against us. We must fight against their scare tactics and their attempts to suppress the vote, and your donation would go a long way in helping fund that fight.

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