Democrats Launch Refugee Welcome Basket Project

Nota: this project ended at our Spring Meeting in March. Thank you to everyone who donated baskets and items for families!

The Democratic Party strongly stands against Pres. Trump’s Executive Order where he is turning his back on refugees and immigrants coming to our country to protect their families. Nebraska welcomes more refugees than other state on a per capita basis. In rural and urban communities, refugees and immigrants make up the very fabric of small towns and big cities across Nebraska. To respond to Pres. Trump’s wrong-headed Executive Order (which of course excludes countries he has business ties to), the party is asking Nebraskans across the state to gather with your friends and make a Welcome Basket.

You can donate funds, buy items from the wish list or make your own basket and drop it off to us!



We list drop-off locations below (and if you can serve as a drop-off center email

The Welcome Baskets will be donated to the Refugee Empowerment Center y Lutheran Family Services. Our goal is 30 baskets by our Spring Meeting (March 18 in Lincoln).

We are collecting baskets now! So please take a look at the items below, fill up a basket and drop it off to a location listed below. We encourage you to include a hand-written note welcoming the new family to our great state.

If you can not make a Welcome Basket, donate to the party to help us with this project or buy items from the wish list and we will make a basket for you!

Suggested Items for Welcome Baskets

Kitchen Items:

Tableware (fork, knife, spoon)

Dishes (plate, bowl, cup / this is a key item to make a house a home)

Pots and pans: at least one sauce pan, one frying pan, one baking dish

Mixing/serving bowls

Kitchen utensils (spatula, wooden spoon, knife, serving utensils, etc.)

Can opener

Linens and other household supplies

Towel and wash cloth

Sheets and blankets

Pillows and pillowcases

Alarm clock

Paper, pens and/or pencils

Light bulbs

Baby items (diapers, bottles)

Cleaning Supplies:

Dish soap

Bathroom/kitchen cleanser

Sponges or cleaning rags and/or paper towels

Laundry detergent


Waste baskets

Mop or broom

Trash bags


Toilet paper



Toothbrush, toothpaste

Personal hygiene items as appropriate

Drop-Off Locations (project ended at our Spring Meeting in March, thank you!!)

Partido Demócrata de Nebraska

201 North 8th Street, #201, Lincoln (open Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm)

Camisas 101

2630 N 27th St, Lincoln (open Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm)

Heath Mello for Mayor Offices

4060 Vinton St., Omaha (open Mon-Sat, noon-7pm)

11722 W. Dodge Rd., Omaha  (open Mon-Sat, noon-7pm)
*On the frontage road near Jerico’s

2520 N 24th St., Omaha (open Mon-Sat, noon-7pm)

Beatrice (supporters home)

418 N 7th street, Beatrice (during the week, drop off after 5pm, no later than 8pm please)

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