NDP Statement on the 2024 Primary Election Results


May 14, 2024
Contacto: José Flores, Jr., Director de Comunicaciones
402-215-1052, jose@nebraskademocrats.org

***Nebraska Democratic Party News Press Release for 5-14-2024***

Nebraska Democratic Party Statement on Primary Election Results

LINCOLN, NE – The Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb issues the following statement regarding Nebraska’s Primary Election results:

“The party’s efforts to recruit and support a strong slate of candidates representing working and middle-class families paid off as candidates now head to the general election. Competing in down-ballot races brings energy and motivation to voters who are engaged in local issues from climate action to public education and reproductive rights. Republicans spent their time fighting each other over outdated culture wars while Democrats stayed focused on talking and listening to voters. Our state rejected some of the most MAGA candidates at the legislative and state board of education levels. Trump and Bacon are coming out of the primary with a fractured base while Biden and Vargas have a united party standing with them. Our party will continue to talk to voters to protect the electoral vote for President Biden, send Vargas, Blood, and Love to DC all while increasing our numbers in the legislature. We are unified and we are ready.” – Chair Jane Kleeb

Democrats Headed to the General Election:

The NDP would like to congratulate the following Democratic and Independent (NP) candidates, both incumbents and new candidates, who will advance to the general election on November 5th, 2024. The list represents a strong and diverse slate of candidates up and down the ballot. We look forward to supporting these candidates in the coming months in our efforts to break the one-party rule in our state.

U.S. Senate – Preston Love, Jr.

Congressional District 1 – Carol Blood
Congressional District 2 – Tony Vargas
Congressional District 3 – Daniel Ebers

Nebraska State Board of Education District 1 – Kristin Christensen
Nebraska State Board of Education District 2 – Maggie Douglas
Nebraska State Board of Education District 4 – Liz Renner

Nebraska Board of Regents District 4 – Elizabeth O’Connor
Nebraska Board of Regents District 8 – Barbara Weitz

LD 3 – Victor Rountree
LD 5 – Margo Juarez
LD 7 – Dunixi Guereca
LD 7 – Tim Pendrell
LD 9 – John Cavanaugh
LD 11 – Terrell McKinney
LD 13 – Tracy Hightower-Henne (waiting for final results to determine top two)
LD 13 – Ashlei Spivey (waiting for final results to determine top two)
LD 21 – Seth Derner
LD 25 – Nicki Behmer Popp (NP)
LD 27- Jason Prokop
LD 29 – Eliot Bostar
LD 31 – Mary Ann Folchert
LD 33 – Michelle Smith
LD 35 – Dan Quick
LD 39 – Allison Heimes (NP)
LD 45 – Sarah Centineo
LD 47 – Larry Bolinger
LD 49 – Jen Day

A full list of candidates from across the state will be published on the NDP website upon final results from the Nebraska Secretary of State. 

Information on the NDP’s endorsement in the US Senate race against Deb Fischer will be announced after our next State Central Committee meeting on May 18, 2024.


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