The motion to add an abortion ban to LB574 just passed.

A letter from Chair Kleeb:

After Democrats blocked a 6-week abortion ban earlier this month, the MAGA-controlled legislature is now twisting the rules to merge two awful bills.

Last night, the bill to remove parental rights that protect and help their trans kids, as well as remove reproductive rights from women, passed a second round of voting. There is one more round of voting left, and there is still time to call and email your state senators.

We are inspired by the second house of the Legislature, the watchful citizens who showed up strong last night. We could hear your voices as MAGA-Republicans took to the microphone to spread misinformation and lies. We continue to be grateful to the Democratic Senators who are standing up with motions and other tactics to try and stop these hate-filled, backward bills.

So, what is the NDP doing?

1. We are working with allied groups and local party leaders across the state to ensure we have strong 2024 candidates for state legislature and Congress. We know the razor-thin margin we have in the legislature to block awful bills is not enough. We need to elect more Democrats.

If you know of someone we should be talking to in your community that should run for office, please let us know here. Sometimes people do not see themselves as candidates, so we are ready to visit with fellow Dems and give them the support they need to run.

2. We have a series of three trainings planned that will help candidates get an early start on the nuts and bolts for a successful campaign.

Sign up for trainings in JuneSeptember and October!

3. All summer long, we will be in communities at county fairs, parades, and cultural events. We kicked off the summer outreach early with the Cinco De Mayo events in Omaha.

If you have an event you want to make sure we are at, please email If you want to walk in parades and help us at booths, sign up to volunteer here.

4. We are 100% committed to assisting allied groups who may take the possible abortion ban to the ballot or take the bill to court. While the party does not lead on ballot campaigns because we focus on candidates, we will ensure our volunteers and Democratic voters know how to sign ballot petitions and educate our voters on the issues.

5. We will have a discussion at our next State Central Committee meeting about party resources being restricted from Democratic candidates for state legislature or Congress that vote to ban abortion and remove reproductive freedom. We hear loud and clear the frustrations from voters and we will take action.

All of this takes money. All of this takes volunteers. All of this takes candidates. All of this takes campaign staff.

Becoming a monthly donor is the best way you can support our fundraising efforts. If you’re ready to help support our ongoing work to strengthen our party and keep these horrible bans out of Nebraska, please pledge a $5 monthly recurring donation, or any amount you can afford to sustainably give, here.



Becoming a Block Captain is the best way you can volunteer with us. Help engage your communities and mobilize progressive action by signing up here.


Every $5 and $25 monthly donation adds up to us having enough funds for more staff, more voter registration and more community events to spread our message of hope and unity to combat the Republicans division and hate. Help us invest early and effectively in progressive candidates by pledging your monthly gift today.


We will not sit by and let the MAGA-Republicans tear apart our state.

— Chair Kleeb

Jane Kleeb

Jane Kleeb, Chair
Nebraska Democratic Party

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