Nebraska Democratic Party’s Response to Gov. Ricketts State of the State

In response to the Governor’s State of the State, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Jane Kleeb and State Senator Adam Morfeld have released the following statements.

“Gov. Ricketts fails to address how we will fix the $200 million budget shortfall as he throws the predictable political football of abortion. Nebraskans want our government to be focused on the major issues at hand—funding our public schools, providing public safety, creating new revenue streams to help lower property taxes and actually putting forward a collective vision for our state. Instead, Ricketts gave us more status quo talking points as he spends millions interfering with elections at the local level to keep one-party control of our state. Over 60 Democrats are running for office across our state to offer an alternative to the status quo and to end one-party rule. We need all voices at the table, not just the ones Ricketts’ hand selects with his personal wealth.” – Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, Jane Kleeb

“The Governor in his State of the State Address just claimed that students leave the state because of income taxes. I represent 20,000 of them and not one has told me that as they move to higher tax states out east and west. We need LGBT protections, lower tuition, high paying jobs and forward thinking policies and investments.”- State Senator Adam Morfeld

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