Republicans try again to repeal the ACA with Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson bill, takes $922 million from Nebraska

Again the Republicans in Congress are trying to repeal Obamacare and force millions of people off of their health care. According to the 预算和政策重点中心 the bill would put in a grant that would cause major cuts to Medicaid for ten years, then the cuts would be even more dramatic. In the year 2027, healthcare funding would be cut in Nebraska alone by $922 million dollars. The Republicans are pushing this bill behind closed doors, without hearings and without a CBO score.

Senator Fischer promised she would never vote on a bill without a CBO score, “We need a CBO score. I want to see a CBO score before I vote.”

Nebraskans want to know, does Fischer still stand by this promise?

“Senators Fischer and Sasse have yet to explain why they keep trying to either take away health care or add expenses to already strained working class family budgets. Senator Fischer in particular, with her ranching background, knows how expensive insurance is for small operations. Fischer is failing her Ag roots by not coming up with bipartisan solutions. For once we would like to see Fischer and Sasse vote for Nebraska instead of blindly following the Republican Party.” -Jane Kleeb, Chair

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