Extremely Extreme Extremists and more — #NebDems News

The antics of the far-right MAGA extremists who are seemingly hell-bent on taking over the Republican Party are unsettling to say the least.

And if you want a barometer of where the national Republican Party is headed, take a look at what’s going on in the state and county parties, statehouses and governors offices.

Here in Nebraska, of course, Trump supporters recently took over the state convention and ousted Gov. Pete Ricketts as the leader of the party. By the end of the day, the party had lost its chairman, executive director, two of three district chairs, national committeewoman, three assistant state party chairs, secretary, treasurer and lawyer, among others, as was reported by the Nebraska Examiner.

But the so-called MAGA-led Coup in Kearney was mild compared to what happened recently in Idaho at the state Republican convention, which got the attention of the editorial board of the Idaho Statesman:

The most extreme elements of the Republican Party are fully in control.

The new chair — outgoing Rep. Dorothy Moon, who lost her bid for secretary of state in May — is closely tied to the John Birch Society, which was famously kicked out of the conservative movement in the 1950s, when it asserted that former general and President Dwight Eisenhower was a communist.

And this is not some tangential connection: Moon’s husband, Darr, is on the John Birch Society’s national council. Moon built her entire campaign for secretary of state on a Bircher-style conspiracy theory — Donald Trump’s Big Lie — so you can expect that she will become that lie’s chief public expositor for the next several years. That Bircherite paranoia was also on display with continued efforts to make it easier to disqualify voters in the Republican primaries.

That’s not the worst of it. … After all, the party’s current platform holds that you shouldn’t be allowed to vote in U.S. Senate races.

The new GOP has signaled it also intends to be cruel. “Our guns are loaded,” Moon cried in her state chair victory speech.

Makes you wonder what’s next for Nebraska Republicans.


Sticking with the subject of extremism, the Washington Post published an article this week headlined “Claim that sex ed ‘grooms’ kids jolted Nebraska politics a year before it swept the nation that detailed the efforts against proposed new state sex-education standards for teaching about issues such as sexual orientation, gender identity and consent.

The result was a slate of extremist candidates running for local and the State Board of Education.

That is why it is vital to vote Nov. 8 for our strong Democratic candidates Danielle Helzer in state Board of Education District 6 and Deborah Neary in District 8.

Helzer was quoted in the article about being targeted by extreme political foes for supporting the new state sex ed standards. One Facbook post, for example, said “Helzer wants to groom your kids for pedophiles & traffickers.”

“I don’t take it personally because I know it’s not true, but I don’t take it lightly,” Helzer said.


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We leave you this week with a rendering by Bill Bramhall.

–By Kevin O’Hanlon/NDP Communications Director

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