OMAHA-The Nebraska Democratic Party says Mayor Stothert owes Omaha and the state of Nebraska an explanation of why she and her administration did nothing to prevent the loss of one of Nebraska’s largest employers, ConAgra. Mayor Stothert’s negligence and failure to engage, allowed for a devastating loss of jobs for people in Omaha and for the state of Nebraska.  

In her campaign for Mayor, Stothert promised to attract and keep jobs in Omaha, also stating that no major employer would leave Omaha under her “leadership.” Today, Mayor Stothert has failed on another promise and failed the City of Omaha.  Stothert told the press she had made no attempt to communicate or engage the executive leadership at ConAgra, prior to their decision to leave Omaha. Additionally she is unable to point to any attempt, conversation, or action taken by her administration to keep the Fortune 500 company here in Omaha. Mayor Jean Stothert’s inaction and her failed leadership allowed an economic downfall and enormous loss of jobs for the people of Omaha and the state of Nebraska.  

“The people of Omaha can’t risk a Mayor who does nothing to save jobs here in Omaha and Nebraska.” said Vince Powers. “While Mayor Stothert did nothing to keep ConAgra in Omaha and save our jobs, the company was persuaded by other elected officials in a state nearby, to move thousands of Nebraska jobs to the city of Chicago.”

Thousands of jobs that once belonged to Nebraskans have now been lost to the city of Chicago while Mayor Stothert stood by and watched. In the meantime, just a few states away Gov Rauner of Illinois, was able to entice ConAgra to leave Nebraska, by offering tax incentives to move their headquarters from Omaha to Chicago.

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