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As the Trump Presidency slithers back down the sewer drain from whence it came, the POTUS went further off the rails this week, which included an astonishing meltdown over the House impeachment proceedings while making an appearance with Sauli Niinistö, the president of Finland — to which the editorial board of Esquire opined.

“He ranted and raved in the Oval Office. He yelled and menaced reporters at a press conference. At seemingly no point did he complete a sentence — fragments only. It was another in a long line of national embarrassments for our fine country, but it was also a bona fide event for photography. The watching press pool captured our fearless leader in all his wild gesticulations and frenzied mouth movements, and even caught a couple glimpses of poor Mr. Niinistö revealing how he really felt.”


Back in Nebraska, Democratic state Sen. Kate Bolz announced Thursday that she would challenge Rep. Jeff Fortenberry for the First District House seat.

She said growing up on a farm in Palmyra helped teach her the value of integrity and doing right by her neighbor, and said her Christian faith is what drew her to public office. Bolz said a growing contingent of nonpartisan voters in the district could propel her to victory.

“People are looking for independent leadership, not partisan politics,” she said.

She joins Democrat Barbara Ramsey in challenging Fortenberry.


Not surprisingly, the Morrison Exon Fundraiser on Oct. 26 in Omaha featuring 议长 Nancy Pelosi quickly sold out.

We have two sponsorship packages left. You can 电子邮件 详情。

If we can open more seats, we will post that information as soon as possible here.

ME 晚餐是我们的一部分 蓝色巨人周末,其中还包括一个 黑人核心小组筹款活动, 我们的 国家中央委员会会议 和 与全国民主训练委员会一起进行蓝凳训练 为候选人、竞选工作人员和当地政党领导人/基层活动家。


Get more information on all the events here!


A dozen candidates have qualified for the fourth Democratic presidential debate on Oct. 15.

They will appear together on one night, making the October faceoff the most crowded yet. The 12 White House hopefuls who met the polling and fundraising requirements set by the Democratic National Committee are:

Former Vice President Joe Biden; New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker; South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg; former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro; Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard; California Sen. Kamala Harris; Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar; former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke; Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders; billionaire businessman and activist Tom Steyer; Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren; and entrepreneur Andrew Yang.


尊敬的内布拉斯加州民主党人 韦恩·齐巴特98 岁,威尔科克斯人,9 月 27 日去世。

Celebration of life services were this morning in Axtell with the Rev. Gale Dorn officiating. Burial was at Pleasant Hill Cemetery with military honors by Wilcox American Legion Post 377 in conjunction with the U.S. Marine Corps Funeral Honors Team.

新民主党主席 简·克莱布(Jane Kleeb) and her husband 史考特 attended to pass on NDP love to Wayne’s son Jimmy, who is involved the local Democratic Party.

We’d also like to thank Sen. Bob Kerrey for his remarks honoring Wayne, which were read by Wayne’s great nephew.

Read more about Ziebarth’s legacy here.


There will be a special showing showing of the film “Sober Indian, Dangerous Indian” on Sunday in Kearney.

收益将捐给布法罗县民主党和 NDP Frank LaMere 研究员计划。

欢迎大家。建议捐赠 $10。



本周我们为您提供来自的渲染 John Cole on the spectacle going down in Washington D.C.

–作者:Kevin O'Hanlon / NDP传播总监



10月6日: Lisa Fricke for State Board of Education Re-Election Campaign Kick-Off

10月6日: “清醒的印度人,危险的印度人”特别放映

10月15日: 第四次民主党总统辩论。

10 月 25-27 日: Big Blue 周末:SCC 会议、Blue Bench 培训、黑人核心小组活动和由众议院议长 Nancy Pelosi 主持的 Morrison Exon 筹款活动