Create a Plan to Vote: Candidate List for Primary Election

The Primary Election is on May 15, the date to show our power at the polls! The NDP wants to make sure you have all the information you need to vote for Democrats.

Democrats are energized and ready to make the blue wave happen. You can check out the over 600 Democratic candidates on our website. Over 250 Block Captains across the state are knocking on doors to give their neighbors all the information they need to vote for Democrats. We have 3 campaign offices staffed and available to our Democratic candidates to help launch canvasses and host phone banks. We are opening 2 more offices in Central and Western Nebraska in June. Donate to keep building the Democratic Party across the state so all the candidates have the infrastructure to win.

Create a Plan to Vote

Creating a plan to vote is critical right now. Here are the important dates and information for you, your friends and family—share this on Facebook and email to help get Democrats elected on May 15.

    Primary Election Day is May 15
    and polls are open 8am-8pm CT. Add this to your calendar now.

    POLLING LOCATION: If you plan to vote on May 15, Primary Election Day, make sure to look up your polling location since many sites have changed in the last year.

  • VOTE BY MAIL: If you want to Vote-By-Mail, the deadline to request a Vote-By-Mail ballot is May 4th at 6pm CT, bring this form to your county election commission and they will then send your ballot in the mail.

  • VOTE EARLY IN PERSON: You can vote early in-person by going to your county election commission through May 14th.

  • INDYS: Remember to tell your friends that might be Independents that the Nebraska Democrats allows Independents to vote in our Primary Election. They just need to ask for a Democratic ballot when they vote.

  • VOTING PROBLEMS: At any point if you are denied the right to vote, or have questions, call or email, Civic Nebraska’s Non-Partisan Election Protection Program at, 402-904-5191,


Help us get people to the polls! We are hosting phone banks everyday at from now until May 15th between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm urging voters to return their ballots or make plans to vote on Election Day. You can also call from home, just email

The daily phone banks, 10am-8pm, are being held at each of our campaign offices:

La Vista: 8064 S84th St La Vista, NE 68128

North Omaha: 4200 N 30th St Omaha, NE 68111

Lincoln: 201 N.8th St Suite 210 Lincoln, NE 68508

Please fill out this Get Out the Vote Google Form to tell us when you are available to help!


Help us raise resources to hire more staff and help all of our candidates get elected. We need to raise $10,000 by May 15—donate $25 today.

Together we can end the current one-party rule in Nebraska by electing Democrats up down and ballot—but only if we vote. Let’s show our power at the polls on May 15, 2018. Vote for Democrats!

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