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About the Block Captain Program:

Serving as a Block Captain means you are responsible for connecting with 50 voters in your neighborhood to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. We adapt the model for Rural Captains, Apartment Captains and Dorm Captains.

We’re ready to take back all levels of government for the people — from city councils and school boards to the Legislature, and Congress!

The best way to elect Democrats is on a personal level at the doors (or now on the phone!) with conversations about how to vote and the issues we care about. 

We must communicate our values. We know the current one-party rule at the state level is bad for democracy. Block Captains build relationships with their neighbors and become the point of contact when they have questions or need assistance around election time.

It is clear the Republican Party is now so extreme they have totally lost what it means to serve and to put people first. Whether it is the violent insurrection, separating children and families, allowing giant corporations to pollute the land water and air, taking away reproductive rights, shutting down the government, and giving the biggest government handout in decades to millionaires and billionaires while pretending they are giving tax cuts to our families or cutting health insurance and food stamps to working families. The GOP is now the party of mean and we are ready to take our state back.

We now have more than 750 Block Captains. If you have any questions about the program, send an email to


We have everything you need to serve as a Block Captain. We give you the “turf” — a fancy name for the list of 50 houses in your community where you are responsible for talking to voters. We train you either with online videos that you can watch when it’s best for you or in-person trainings that you can attend.

Here are some of our resources for Block Captains:

2022 Training Schedule:

We conduct trainings via the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Facebook page (using Facebook Live) in order to prepare Block Captains all across the state. We can also host training sessions for county parties and other groups, just contact Gina Frank.

Block Captains should watch for emails from Gina that includes their voters’ contact information and specific instructions for each round of voter contact.

Training and Contact Schedule:

Contact #1: Vote in the Primary

Training Date: April 2, 2022 (watch the training here).

Voter Contact Dates: April 7 – May 9, 2022 

Block Captains will use the Outreach Circle App to make sure their contacts are ready for the 2022 Primary.  They can use the “Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Midterms” action to see if any of their contacts are on our target list of voters, or they can use the “Ready Set Midterms” action to talk to anyone. 

Contact #2: Get Ready to Vote By Mail

Training Date: August 11, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. CT/ 5:30 p.m. MT 

The training is held on the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Facebook page, so if you cannot watch the training live you can see the recording.

Watch for additional in-person training dates in Lincoln, Grand Island, and Omaha where the party staff is coming to towns to visit with Block Captains.

Voter Contact Dates: September 1- September 15, 2022 

Block Captains will contact their neighbors and encourage them to vote by mail.  Block Captains will receive their new turf through Outreach Circle. Please join our Outreach Circle. If you cannot download the app (or use it in a browser) and need a pdf turf, please contact Gina.

Contact #3: GOTV (Get Out The Vote)

Training Date: September 22, 6:30 p.m. CT/ 5:30 p.m. MT

Voter Contact Dates: October 1- Oct. 17, 2021

This training will be held on the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Facebook page, so if you can not watch the training live you can see the recording.

To close out the 2022 Block Captain schedule, we will go door-to-door and deliver voter guides.

Block Captains are encouraged to attend the NDP’s Big Blue Weekend (Oct 14,15) in Omaha. It will be a fun weekend of activities training and special events.

Watch Past Block Captain Trainings:


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How to use your script at the door.

How to use the VAN as a Block Captain. (Please note, we no longer encourage VAN use for Block Captains since MiniVAN has seen significant updates and is much more user-friendly)


Our first 2019 Block Captain training focused on getting everyone back in the swing of things.

Knocking on doors and preparing for Lincoln’s Primary/General Elections (including info for non-Lincoln Block Captains).

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Being a Block Captain During the Coronavirus

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