Block Captain Program

Now is the time to start knocking of doors to get out the vote for the 2020 election! Our Block Captains are currently talking to their neighbors about the issues that are important to them.

Sign up to be a Block Captain now so you will be ready to talk to your neighbors about what’s at stake in 2020.  We now have 600 Block Captains and need to hit 1,000.

An initial list of trainings and canvasses for the 2020 election cycle can be found below.

We’re ready to take back all levels of government for the people — from city councils and school boards to the Legislature, Congress and the White House!

The best way to elect Democrats is on a personal level at the doors – conversations about how to vote and the issues we care about. We must communicate our values. We know the current one-party rule at the state level is bad for democracy.

It is clear the Republican Party is now so extreme they have totally lost what it means to serve and to put people first. Whether it is separating children and families, shutting down the government, giving the biggest government handout in decades to millionaires and billionaires while pretending they are giving tax cuts to our families or cutting health insurance and food stamps to working families. The GOP is now the party of mean.

You can serve as a Block Captain where you are responsible for connecting with 50 voters in your community to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.


We have everything you need to serve as a Block Captain. We give you the “turf” which is a fancy name for the list of 50 houses in your community you are responsible for knocking the doors and talking to voters. We train you with online videos that you can watch when its best for you as well as in-person trainings that you can attend.

See the General Election Block Captain Training Handbook

See the Block Captain Flyer

Training and Canvass Schedule:

We conduct trainings via Facebook Live in order to prepare Block Captains all across the state. We can also host trainings in-person by coming to your community.

Block Captains are assigned 50 houses in their neighborhood to stay in touch with during the year. This project is helping us win elections and stay connected to the grassroots.

Feb. 29, 2020 — Leap Into the 2020 Elections! Everything you need to know about the upcoming primary election. 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Hastings Public Library, 314 N. Denver Ave., Hastings,NE 68901

June 6, 2020 — Focus on VBM for the General Election.
Check back later for details.

Sept.13, 2020 — Getting Ready for GOTV and Voter Guides.
Check back later for details.

Watch 2018 Block Captain Trainings:

How to use your script at the door

How to use the VAN as a Block Captain