NDP Chair Jane Kleeb Comment on Hate Crime at Lincoln Jewish Temple

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb issued the following statement Wednesday following a hate crime committed at a Jewish house of worship, the South Street Temple, in Lincoln

“Our party stands with the Jewish people of our state and all people of faith who are attacked with endless images of hate and reckless words that inflict harm. We stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters and hope justice will be brought to whoever committed this hate crime. My hope is that, together, we may heal and learn.”

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, a swastika was drawn in orange paint on the building’s front steps.

The Nebraska Democratic Party has an Interfaith Caucus, and members of the community can attend caucus meetings. Our next one is in Norfolk this Friday at  6 p.m. at the Divots Conference Center, 4200 W. Norfolk Ave., in Norfolk.


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