Statement by Preston Love, Jr. on U.S. Senate race

My congratulations go to Senator Ben Sasse, for his victory in the 2020 Senatorial race.  My message to Senator Sasse, is that I am hoping that he will use his second term to reach out to the communities of color, and specifically, also North Omaha, to develop a working relationship, and initiatives, to assist in the development of our communities.  As a second term senator, we are hoping he will become a senator for all of Nebraska.

I am grateful for the hard work of many, and the impact of my unusual and historical candidacy, that generated a large African-American turnout and the resulting win of the Second Congressional District electoral vote, by the Biden-Harris ticket.  At this juncture, besides repeating the history making-event of a split electoral vote, it may turn out in 2020 to be a major factor in who becomes President of the United States, going forward. Congratulations Second CD Voters.

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