The House Sold Us Out, Now What?

The House sold us out, now what? Here are 3 things you can do this week:

1) Read the Indivisible Guide on next steps. We will also post local actions in the next couple of days that you can participate in including a “die-in” we will hold with grassroots allies. Email for more info.

Read the guide here:

2) Pledge to volunteer for 20 hours and pledge to give $20 bucks to defeat Bacon, Fortenberry and Smith. Once the Dem candidates announce their runs we will then send you an email to make good on your pledge–but we need to show thousands of Nebraskans are ready to give their time and money to help elect Democrats. Email with ideas on who should run for these House seats.

Pledge 20 hours and 20 bucks:

3) Donate now to give an immediate boost to our state party in our recruitment efforts which includes polling and planning. Email if you want to donate via check or give on a monthly basis!

Donate money now to help elect Democrats:

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